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Low friction ring | FrD® Dynamic use


FrD®, the Nodus Factory® friction ring is made of anodized Duralumin and has a super-slippery Teflon-coated surface. It is also very light, reliable and resistant to high dynamic load settings.

It can be used in many static and dynamic applications with any type of rope (Dyneema®, Vectran®, technora® and polyester).

Discover examples of applications with its textile connectors, shackle, carabiner, loop and lock in the PLUG & SAIL category.

Materials: Duralumin / Anodized
Uses : Hoists, stunts with dynamic and static adjustments, boom vang, backstay, genoa adjustments.

Violon ring

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FrD® the Nodus Factory® friction ring has a super slippery Teflon coated surface. It is also very light, reliable and resistant. The Nodus friction ring is used in numerous applications and for all types of rope.

This product allows an infinite number of combinations, especially where peak loads are the rule, such as backstays, cascade dumbbells, barbers and many others.

Specially designed for multiple maneuvering systems with high loads, 3D genoa clew adjustment for connectors and textile fasteners (shackle, snap hook, loop, lock).

+ Uses
  • Mast foot, in-hauler
  • Barber, in-haulers or as spare pulley
  • Tackle (Mainsail, vang, running backstay, etc.)
  • Hoists (mainsail, vang, running backstay,…etc)

Find all the information on the load forces according to the deflection angle HERE

Data sheet

  • Friction Ring D ¬ Hard anodized Duralumin ring ¬ black


  • High mechanical resistance
  • High impact and UV resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Reliable and maintenance-free

Product Details



Breaking Load


Ø Rope


Angle  0° Halyard and sheet
Duralumin KG mm mm mm mm mm gr
FrD 10 1500 7 12 12 30 8 max. 8
FrD 14 1800 10 16 16 40 10 max. 16
FrD 20 5000 17 24 24 60 16 max. 80

Nodus & Actuce

For a "professional" seamanship please respect:

  • The angle of the splice at the throat will be 15 degrees minimum.
  • The length of the flat eye must be at least 2.7 times the diameter of the groove of the ring.
  • The textile hook will have a minimum of 0.6 times the groove diameter (loop, shackle, lashing, estrope, ... etc).
  • Respect the minimum Ø of the recommended rope