Halyard Block shackle in Dyneema® | Shackle R® friction-ring


R® shackle, Dyneema® reefing shackle with FrD low-friction ring.

For use with reefed mainsail halyards, tackles (2:1 tackle)...

2:1 flying block for a wide range of applications: halyards, borders, turnbuckles, barber-haulers, etc.
Quick installation on chainplates, bridges and jib tracks for sheets.

Ease of use:
Fast, secure closure with the Cap Knot®.
Easy to open, even under heavy loads.

Performance and durability:
Extremely light and strong hoist thanks to Dyneema®.
Low-friction ring for improved performance and reduced rope wear.

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2:1 flying block for efficient rope reeving.

Quick installation on chainplates, bridges and jib tracks.

Wide range of applications: halyards, sheets, turnbuckles, etc.

  • Reefed mainsail halyard.
  • Edging (2:1 tackle).
  • Barber-hauler.
  • Sheet returns.
  • Reefing.
  • Downhaul.
  • Cascading backstays.

Additional information:

  • Available in various sizes
  • Breaking load and rope diameter vary according to size.


  • Repairability category 3

Repairability index -(Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

  • T-close fastener¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA
  • Rope 100% Dyneema® Nodex R2 pre-stretched, coated¬ Light grey/black
  • Nodus Factory low-friction ring made of Self-lubricating technical plastic resin¬  black or partner product in aluminium.
  • Closure secured by lock-ring “Bague Block ®” ¬ EPDM protect anti-uv
  • Strength certified by Veritas

Product Details


  • Extremely light and strong hoist with friction ring
  • The flexibility of textile ensures that the work is in the axis of the forces
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • No corrosion