Halyards and sheets

Halyards and sheets for sailboats : Complete guide

Choosing the right halyards and sheets for your sailboat is essential for safe sailing and optimum performance.

Differences between halyards and sheets for sailboats:

Halyards: Ropes used in standard rigging to hoist or lower sails.
Sheets: Ropes used to adjust the angle of sails in relation to the wind.

Halyards and sheets

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Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and polyester sheath

Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and polyester sheath

Sheet rope with mixed Dyneema® & polypropylene HT core, polyester HT sheath, ultra-light, resistant and hydrophobic, with an unbeatable weight/diameter ratio. An ideal genoa sheet that's easy to tension for good sail trim, the HT polyester sheathing makes it long-lasting for cruising. An easy-to-splice, water-repellent sheet. Supplied in the desired length (e.g. x quantity = x metre). STROPS Material : Dyneema® SK-78 and Polyester HT

Price From €1.14
Cordage for Dyneema® halyards

Cordage for Dyneema® halyards

Jammer Twin halyard the cruising halyard par excellence Better grip in cleats: Friction-optimized line with minimal stretch for perfect sail trimming on cruising yachts. Better grip: Blend of high-quality fibers in a reinforced sheath for maximum grip in cleats and blockers.

Price From €4.87
Rope for sheet | Double HT Polyester braid

Rope for sheet | Double braided Polyester HT

Sheet Tasmania Croisière: A balanced, durable and flexible line for an optimal sailing experience. Comfort: Comfortable handling thanks to high flexibility. Balanced stretch properties for improved feel in hand. Quality: Well-balanced double polyester braid for enhanced strength and durability. Extremely long service life for extended use. Value for money: Excellent sheet and universal line for cruisers. Particularly attractive price for a line of this quality.

Price From €1.01
Halyard rope | Dyneema® core and HT polyester sheath

Halyard rope | Dyneema® core and HT polyester sheath

Mega Twin Dyneema® Performance halyard , the ultimate in versatility. Maximum breaking load, minimum elongation and maximum lifespan. Performance: Dyneema® SK 78 racing line for extreme strength and minimum stretch. Universal: Highly flexible polyester coating for excellent all-round characteristics and optimum grip on clamps and stoppers. Durability: Robust and long-lasting thanks to the best raw materials and an extremely proven design. A halyard from the Gleistein™ Mega Twin Performance range.

Price From €2.69
Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and Technora® sheath

Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and Technora® sheath

Runner Twin Olympic Performance sheet , for better grip in cleats and longer life, especially for small keel yachts. Use: Maximum flexibility and grip for maximum control when releasing by hand. Maximum durability: Triple-fiber coating with abrasion-resistant Dyneema® , slip-resistant Technora® and polyester . Two-in-one: Unsheatable core in Dyneema® SK 78 fibers for weight-optimized, high-performance sheets and halyards. A sheet from Gleistein™'s Runner Twin Olympic performance range.

Price From €2.35
Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and Technora® sheath

Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and polyester sheath

Ecoute Runner Twin zigzag Performance A top-quality rope for sailors and racers offering maximum control in the battle for performance and new records. Better grip: Excellent in clamcleats and on winches, controlled abrasion properties. Two-in-one: Unshaeatable to provide weight-optimized sheets and halyards, with grip and protection to suit your needs. Durability: Resists high contact pressure and friction heat, the perfect rope for fast maneuvers. A sheet from the Gleistein™ Runner Twin Zigzag Performance range.

Price From €6.89
Halyard rope | Dyneema® core and Technora® sheath

Halyard rope | Dyneema® core and Technora® sheath

The must-have Runner Twin 99 Performance halyard in Dyneema® SK99 and Technora® sheathing An undisputed winner! Maximum flexibility with exceptional strength and durability in the toughest racing conditions. Flexible and maneuverable: Excellent handling characteristics thanks to a highly flexible construction with a core of Dyneema® SK 99 fibers. Two-in-one: Can be unsheathed to provide high-performance, weight-optimized sheets and halyards for grip and protection tailored to individual needs. Durability: Technora® for the oversheat for maximum heat resistance when wound into the winch. A halyard from the Gleistein™ performance range.

Price From €2.35
Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and HT polyester sheath

Sheet rope | Dyneema® core and HT polyester sheath

Dyneema® sheet Mega Twin 07 Dyneema® for power: An affordable universal sheet with high strength and durability for cruisers. Dyneema® core: High-performance fibers from industry leader Gleistein for minimal stretch and high strength. A sheet born of a champion's heritage: Design based on the legendary MegaTwin Dyneema®, adapted to conventional fittings. A low-cost, universal, high-performance sheet: Attractively priced with optimum suitability for almost all on-board applications. A high-performance sheet from the Gleistein™ cruising range.

Price From €2.18

Tips for choosing your halyards and sheets:
Type of boat and type of sailing: The size and type of your boat, as well as your sailing program, will influence your choice of rope materials and diameter.

Economical and UV-resistant, ideal for cruising.
Dyneema®: Lighter and stronger than polyester, ideal for racing and performance.
Diameter: Larger diameters offer greater strength, but are heavier and less maneuverable.
Colors: Different halyard and sheet colors make them easier to identify and handle.

Our halyard and sheet ranges:
Pleasure: Polyester and Dyneema® ropes for all types of yachts.
Yachting: High-performance ropes in Dyneema® and Technora™.
Racing: Ultra-light, high-performance ropes in Dyneema® and SK99.

Tips for maintaining your halyards and sheets:
Inspect ropes regularly for signs of wear.
Rinse ropes with fresh water after each use.
Store ropes in a dry place out of the sun.

For lengths, keep your original lengths, or at least 1.50 m longer for comfort and especially for the seamanship of our ready-to-cushion estropes.

We offer a wide choice of colors, which you can discover on the corresponding product pages.

You'll agree that it's difficult to keep them all in stock. Please contact us before ordering if certain colors are not immediately available in stock.Orders for rope are not returnable or exchangeable.