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At Nodusfactory, we understand that choosing the right rope and sheath is crucial to the safety and performance of your applications. That's why we offer a wide range of products made from Dyneema and polyester, two of the best-performing materials on the market.

Dyneema: raw strength

Dyneema is a revolutionary synthetic fiber known for its exceptional tensile strength, low elasticity and abrasion resistance. It's the ideal choice for applications where lightness and strength are critical factors, such as climbing, sailing, fishing and paragliding.

Polyester: versatility and durability

Polyester is a tough, economical synthetic fiber with excellent abrasion, UV and chemical resistance. It is ideal for industrial, marine and construction applications where durability and performance are essential.

Nodusfactory: Your trusted partner

Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you choose the rope or protective sheath best suited to your needs. We also offer tailor-made services to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Discover our product range:

- Sailing ropes

- Lifelines

- Protective sheaths

- Moorings

- Nodusfactory webbing: quality and performance for your applications.

other Dyneema® and polyester ropes

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Dyneema® Rope |  Nodus SK78

Dyneema® Rope | Nodus SK78

Nodus SK78 is a stronger-than-steel Dyneema® rope whose fibres have undergone a special treatment that makes the braid particularly resistant. Thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, it can be used to construct extremely lightweight textile ropes.  Multipurpose Dyneema ®  rope, perfect for control ropes, trapeze regulator and multiple uses thanks to its minimal weight and high breaking load. Supplied in the desired length (Ex: x quantity = x meter) Material: Dyneema® SK-78

Price From €0.46
Dyneema® guardrail life line | Nodex Protect®

Dyneema® guardrail life line | Nodex Protect®

Nodex Protect®, Dyneema® textile guardtrail for stanchions (high, intermediate and low) SK78 12 spindles and TPU thermoplastic over-sheath (Diameter 8 mm) A braid that does not creep (no elongation under constant high load), an advantageous replacement for abrasive stranded wire ropes. Complies with ISO 15085 Supplied in the required length (e.g. x quantity = x metre) Materials: Dyneema® / TPU Flexible thermoplastic

Dockline polyamide core and polyester cover | Nodus-Dockline®

Dockline polyamide core and polyester cover | Nodus-Dockline®

Polyester mooring line, perfect for mooring, anchoring and  tethering. Particularly flexible and light, our polyester mooring ropes are suitable for all types of boat (sail, motor...), providing safety, durability and cushioning for boat movements. 32-spindle polyester core and sheath for excellent UV and abrasion resistance. Supplied at the desired length (Ex: x quantity = x meter) Material : Mixte Polyamide core / Polyester HT cover

Price From €1.38
Lazy-Jack Rope | Polyester

Lazy-Jack Rope | Polyester

High-tenacity 16 plait polyester hollow braid with coating®, for lazy-jack. Excellent abrasion resistance, easy to splice, does not fray when rubbed against the sail. Supplied to desired length (e.g.: x quantity = x meter). Adjustable blocker Material: HT polyester

Price From €0.42