Indication of use and reparability

Criteria for use

The Nodus Factory criterion is based on the resistance to wear or on the resistance to breakage

  • Current - C
  • Intensive - I
  • Technical - T (S & HL)

Repairability index

  • Category  1 : Repair only at Nodusfactory, concerns textile fiber (shackle on connector)

Return the connectors to us

  • Category  2 : Repair by users, concerns a part of the components of the product (i-sheath, garcette, Block ring, Twist Lock strap,...)

Sale of the components on line

  • Category  3 : Repair by users, concerns all the components of the product that can be replaced

Sale of the components on line


Dyneema® Loop type textile connectors are not repairable and do not fit into our index criteria.
Dyneema® T-Close and M textile shackles are factor 1 (except for intensive use)
On the other hand, Dyneema® textile loops and locks associated with one or more accessories are in category 3