Nodus Factory, manufacturer of fittings, accessories and innovative equipment for sailing and powerboating.

Textile fittings, deck accessories and ropes: a wide range of certified products made in France.

¬    Shackles, loops, hangers, glue-on padeye, glue-on line, opening pulley, friction rings and Nub pulley/ring

At Nodus Factory we create and manufacture in our workshops innovative 4.0 Dyneema®, Vectran®, Technora® and biosourced or agro-sourced polymers products that are efficient and reliable.

The online store and our partner stores Nodus Factory offer a wide choice of ropes, polyester, Dyneema® for sailing, water sports and leisure.

¬    Ready to quilt halyards, sheets, mooring lines and lines.
¬    Accessories for the comfort on board
¬    Plug and Sail 4.0 fittings for a seamless implementation

In our store and at our partner dealers you will find our Dyneema® textile fittings and our innovative quality deck accessories:

¬    Friction rings: Polymer, iTech, aluminum, duralumin
¬    Nub friction ring
¬    Textile pulley, Opening pulley and Hook
¬    Padlock, trigger guard and wire rope
¬    Padeye to glue, textile padeye
¬    And many other technical products for sailing that you can discover on our YouTube channel.