Loop high-load in Dyneema® | L HL®


Loop® sheathed Dyneema® High Load

The Loop® sheathed Dyneema® High Load is a textile ring ideal for use as a flexible connector. Its special feature is that it is both core and sheath, giving it greater strength and protection than a conventional loop.

Core and sheath: Dyneema® SK78 or SK99

Breaking load: Adapted to your needs (depending on model)
Abrasion resistance: High
UV resistance: Yes
Water resistance: Yes
Lightweight and compact: Yes

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Loop: maximum resistance
closed lenght

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The Loop L-HL®in Dyneema® is a heavy-duty textile ring, ideal as a flexible connector.

  • It can be used to connect blocks to clew and jib tracks, booms and spars (spinnaker pole, bowsprit, etc.), backstays and runners to tackle blocks.

We offer 3 types of Dyneema loops, depending on their intended use:

  • Standard, pre-stretched and sized Dyneema textile loops.
  • Intensive, the "core and sheath" overclad Dyneema textile loop, with the structural part in the center of the loop thanks to double-pass stitching.
  • Technical, same as intensive but with a Dyneema sheath sock for extra protection against abrasion.
+ Use
  • Dyneema® textile connector for pulleys on clew track, jib track, boom and spars (spinnaker pole, bowsprit, etc.), backstay and runners to tackle blocks.
  • Ideal for securing low-friction pulleys and rings used as "Turnbuckles".
+ Nodus & Tip
  • For basket attachment, use Block® rings or Twist Lock® velcro straps to hold the strands in place.
  • Optimize your loop by checking the sheave size, CMU or BWL of your pulleys!

Data sheet


  • Body: Dyneema® SK78 or SK99
  • Rope: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)


  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Dyneema® SK78 or SK99: 100%.
  • Mechanical properties
  • Breaking load: > depending on model
  • Elongation at break: <4
  • Modulus of elasticity: > 100 GPa

Product Details


  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to use: Quick, simple installation
  • Durable: Long service life
  • Safe: Meets the most stringent safety standards
  • Additional information
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • Chemical resistance: Good resistance to most common chemicals