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Discover excellence in trimming and maneuvering with our Hi-Tech® ball bearings and Nub® friction blocks.

Nodus Factory offers a complete range of pulleys designed to meet all your performance and reliability needs. Whether you're looking for a ball bearing block for smooth halyard routing or a friction block for a powerful hoist, our products will provide you with unrivalled benefits.


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Mickey-Nub® 3D Nub® violin pulley

Mickey-Nub® 3D Nub® violin pulley

M-Nub® , the Mickey-Nub® 3D fiddle block is a set of 3 connection points, ideal for efficient 3D adjustment of the genoa tack. Lightweight and compact, the Mickey-Nub® 3D multiaxial fiddle block allows perfect alignment of connections at different angles, and each friction Nub block is steerable and mobile (10 times lighter than a pulley), designed for heavy loads. Easy to configure, this multiaxial 3D system will produce minimum friction and wear on your ropes. It can be used with all types of rope, although some Technora® ropes have an aggressive grip.

Price From €82.98
low friction carbon pulley | Pulley Sleek®

low friction carbon pulley | Pulley Sleek®

The Sleek® low-friction P-Tech® carbon pulley , Nodus Factory™ is very light, reliable and highly resistant to friction for dynamic use. It can be used in many applications with all types of non-abrasive ropes. An ultra-light, compact sheaveless pulley for multiple uses on small units, lazy jack, cunningham, barber, kitesurf...

Price From €17.60
Pulley for Sailboat | P® Hi-Tech double Blocks

Pulley for Sailboat | P® Hi-Tech double Blocks

The sailboat blocks P® Hi-tech double is a high-strength, ultra-light ball bearing pulley. Supplied with a Dyneema® T2 or T3 textile shackle. Materials: Composites | Textil Connectors : Dyneema® / Polymers  Applications: Sheet cars, hoists, at mastfeet and so on

Price From €26.84
Clew strap in Dyneema® with pulley  | SC-Nub®

Clew strap in Dyneema® with pulley | SC-Nub®

Sc-Nub® is a Dyneema®" boom sling with a heavy-duty Nub friction block for attaching the clew of a free-sailing mainsail to the boom.  No-drill boom attachment with lashing "tie strap type attachment" supplied in Dyneema®. Materials: Dyneema® / High T° thermoplastic

Price From €52.35
Spinnaker Tackle and Halyard Pulley | Spi 4 Nub®

Spinnaker Tackle and Halyard Pulley | Spi 4 Nub®

Spi 4Nub®: Nub® pulley on strap for simple, effective spinnaker tack attachment The Spi 4Nub® is an innovative solution for attaching the spinnaker tack to the bowsprit. This Nub® pulley on a "tie" strap offers easy and secure installation, without the need for mechanical fastening. Advantages of the Spi 4Nub® : Easy to install: The "tie" strap allows the pulley to be attached quickly and easily around the bowsprit, without drilling or special tools. No need for mechanical fastening: The Dyneema® webbing and lashing ensure stable and secure attachment of the spinnaker tack. Secure locking under load and unloaded: The Nub® pulley offers reliable spinnaker locking, even under heavy load.

Price From €60.72
Violin pulley for self-tacking jibs | Pp®

Violin pulley for self-tacking jibs | Pp®

PP® is the lightest and strongest pantor block on the market. Designed for demanding sailors, it offers unrivalled performance, reliability and safety. How it works: The small sheave of the friction ring slides over the bridle, while the ball-bearing block is used for the passage of the tackle sheet. This innovative system guarantees smooth, effortless operation. Versatility: The PP® block is compatible with all types of sailboat and can be used for a variety of applications, including: Jib clew adjustment Headsail control Spinnaker sheet adjustment Blocking any type of sheet or rope

Price From €60.17
Dyneema® Shackle Lashing Block

Soft Shackle in Dyneema® for Block | T-close® T

The T® shackle is a Dyneema® textile shackle specially designed for use with wire rope pulleys. It's easy to install, very light and can withstand heavy loads. This shackle is compatible with most wire rope Pulleys as Hi-Tech Nodus Factory, Harken, Karver, Ronstan, Selden, Rutgerson... pulleys. Materials: Dyneema® / Tech Polymer

Price From €16.74
Candlestick pulley

Candlestick pulley

 Articulated Candlestick pulley  for furling gear, ideal for guiding the furling line of your headsail. The stanchion block reduces friction on the furling line. Its unique system with its Dyneema® textile loop and friction ring allows automatic alignment. Materials: Dyneema® / Polymer / Duralumin

Price From €27.42
Halyard block shackle in Dyneema® | R-Nub®

Halyard block shackle in Dyneema® | R-Nub®

R-Nub® shackle , Dyneema® reefing shackle with low-friction Nub ring. Use for reefed mainsail halyard, edge (2:1 tackle)... Versatility: 2:1 flying block for a wide range of applications: halyards, borders, turnbuckles, barber-haulers, etc. Quick installation on chainplates, bridges and jib tracks for sheets. Easy to use: Fast, secure closure with the Cap Knot®. Easy to open, even under heavy loads.

Price From €124.67
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Hi-Tech® ball-bearing sheaves: precision and performance

  • 316L stainless steel sheave: Ensures smooth, silent rotation for optimum performance.
  • Sealed ball bearings: Optimum protection against water and dust for enhanced durability.
  • High breaking load: Designed to withstand the most intense stresses.
  • Incomparable lightness: Reduce the weight on your boat for better performance.
  • Available in different sizes and configurations: Adaptable to all your rigging needs.

Nub® friction blocks: versatility and efficiency

  • Patented Nub® system: Optimum friction for precise load control.
  • Dyneema® textile lashing: Superior strength and exceptional durability.
  • Incomparable lightness: Reduce the weight on your boat for better performance.
  • Ease of installation: Quick, simple assembly without special tools.
  • Available in different sizes and configurations: Adaptable to all your hoisting needs.

Advantages of textile-fixed pulleys

  • Greater strength: Forces pass directly through the center of the pulley, increasing its strength and reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Versatility of use: Their flexible attachment method enables a wide variety of applications.
  • Enhanced safety: In the event of sheave failure, the load is held by the lashing or textile shackle.
  • Optimized design: Fewer parts for greater reliability and reduced weight.
  • Exceptional durability: No corrosion and no special maintenance required.
  • Automatic load alignment: Simplifies installation and maximizes efficiency.