Dyneema® guardrail life line | Nodex Protect®


Nodex Protect®, Dyneema® textile guardtrail for stanchions (high, intermediate and low) SK78 12 spindles and TPU thermoplastic over-sheath (Diameter 8 mm)

A braid that does not creep (no elongation under constant high load), an advantageous replacement for abrasive stranded wire ropes.

Complies with ISO 15085

Supplied in the required length (e.g. x quantity = x metre)

Materials: Dyneema® / TPU Flexible thermoplastic

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nodex protect
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Textile guardtrail perfect for any use where abrasion protection is essential (vang, guardtrail...)

Tips & Tricks

  • The edges of your headsails will slide better over it without getting damaged.
  • Easy to install, no need for rope ends/eye ends or turnbuckles.

Data sheet

  • Thermo-plastic cover, 8 mm
  • Pre-stretch Dyneema® Nodex rope, SK78 12 spindle braiding

Product Details

Product Name

Rope Ø

Breaking Load

Cover Ø

Dyneema R2 S Thermo-plastic
mm Kg mm
NP 8 6 2500 8


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Shocks and cuts resistant 
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Easily spliceable
  • Incredible lifespan (10 years in normal use at least)
  • Floating
  • Humidity free
  • Dimensional stability