• Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle
  • Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle
  • Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle
  • Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle
  • Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle
  • Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle

Soft shackle in Dyneema® for halyard and sheet | T-close© C


The Dyneema® T-Close C® textile shackle by Nodusfactory is a lightweight, versatile connector, specially designed for halyards and sheets with an eye termination.


  • Textile connector for joining two components, such as halyards, sheets, sails, mainsail boards, hoists, etc. on boats.
  • Specially adapted to halyards and sheets thanks to its eye termination with Dyneema® sheath for enhanced protection against abrasion.
  • Sailing boats: halyards, sheets, hoists, etc.
  • Various nautical applications: sheave attachment, anchoring and fastening of light equipment, etc.

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The shackle Textile connector between two elements: sheets, halyards, mainsail planks, headsails, hoists, etc. It's lightweight, quick to install and won't damage your decks.

It's lightweight, quick to install and won't damage your decks.

Its strength and safety make it a reliable choice for maneuvering at sea.

  • Replace traditional metal shackles on halyards and sheets.
  • Attach sails to booms and masts.
  • Adjust sail tension.
  • Attach pulleys and bosses.


  • Easy to use ¬ Closes with the Nœud de Cap® ¬ Opens quickly, even under heavy load.

The T-Close C textile shackle is an excellent choice for sailboats, offering a lightweight, strong and durable alternative to traditional metal shackles.

Data sheet

T-close connector* ¬ Glass-filled Pa Tech

  • 100% Dyneema® SK78 pre-stretched rope, silk-sized ¬ Light grey / black

Finish according to use :

  • Current / light grey or black sizing
  • Intensive / sizing and polyester overjacket
  • Technical / sizing and sewn Dyneema® 48fx overjacket

Accessories :

  • Bague Block® ¬ soft thermoplastic TPE
  • Twist-lock® ¬ Velcro strap

Repairability :

  • Category 1 - general & technical use
  • Category 2 repairability - intensive use

Repairability index -(Link to explanatory table)

Product Details

Manille Dyneema® pour drisse et écoute | T-Close® C


  • Lightweight: Compared with traditional metal shackles, T-Close C® is much lighter, which reduces the overall weight of the boat and improves its performance.
  • Strong: Made from Dyneema®, a high-strength synthetic fiber, T-Close C® can withstand heavy loads.
  • Safe: The Dyneema® sheath protects the rope from abrasion and limits the risk of breakage.
  • Easy to use: T-Close C® is easy to install and handle, with no need for special tools.
  • Durable: Dyneema® is UV and saltwater resistant, guaranteeing long shackle life.

Important points to remember:

  • The maximum load supported by the T-Close C® also depends on the size and type of halyards or sheets used.
  • It's important to follow the rope manufacturer's instructions and choose the right size of T-Close C® for your needs.
  • Regular inspection of the textile shackle is necessary to check its condition and guarantee safety.

Nodusfactory also offers other models of Dyneema® textile shackles, suitable for different uses.