Dyneema® Shackle Lashing Block
  • Dyneema® Shackle Lashing Block

Soft Shackle in Dyneema® for Block | T-close® T


The T® shackle is a Dyneema® textile shackle specially designed for use with wire rope pulleys. It's easy to install, very light and can withstand heavy loads.

This shackle is compatible with most wire rope Pulleys as Hi-Tech Nodus Factory, Harken, Karver, Ronstan, Selden, Rutgerson... pulleys.

Materials: Dyneema® / Tech Polymer

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The textile T®shackle, specially designed for pulleys, is easy to use, very light and can withstand heavy loads. This product can be custom ordered.

+ Use

Textile shackle specially designed for pulleys 

Easy to use ¬ Locking ¬ Cap® knot ¬ Quick to open, even under heavy loads

Data sheet

  • T-close® connector ¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA Tech 
  • 100% Dyneema® SK78 rope, pre-stretched and coated ¬ Light grey / black 
  • T® shackles are pre-stretched and glued® to prevent elongation when loaded  
  • Strength certified by Veritas / Calculation of load factor: example A 45° deflection has a load factor of 75%, so if I pull 100 kg, the pulley will only take 75 kg

Product Details




Rope ØLenghtØ InterneWeight
Straight SK78 Close Pulley sheave
Kg mm cm mm gr
T2 500 2/4 5 15/30 2
T 840 2.5/5 7 30/40 4
T5 2450 4/8 9 40/50 14
T6 2900 5/10 10 40/50 18


  • Textile connector for wire rope pulley
  •  The flexibility of the soft shackle connector ensures an in-line work with the forces.

Nodus & Tricks

  • Refit your existing pulleys with a T shackle by removing the metal becket, valid only for pulleys with an open central axis.