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Nodus Factory™ low-friction Duralumin rings are lightweight, reliable and durable.

Essential on board your yacht with our textile connectors "Loops, Lock,..." to be able to optimize your deck plan for greater safety and performance.

Materials: Duralumin / Anodized

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They can be used for just about anything and with any type of rope, although some Technora® ropes have an aggressive grip.

They are suitable for creating hoists and stunts of all types: 

  • Boom downhaul
  • Backstay
  • Genoa trimmers
  • reefing lines


  • High mechanical strength
  • Low coefficient of friction

Discover examples of applications with its textile connectors, shackle, carabiner, loop and lock in the PLUG & SAIL category.

Data sheet

FrD Low friction anodized Duralumin ring

  • Hard anodizing treatment
  • Friction resistance with good sliding coefficient under high load
  • Improved rigidity
  • Corrosion resistance (to nickel salt build-up, approx. 300 hours)
  • The hard oxide layer develops 50% as an overlay and 50% in the metal
  • Anthracite gray color, orange marking

Follow the basic rules of seamanship to ensure maximum ring load.

  • A larger eye increases ring strength, and the splice angle at the groove should be at least 15 degrees.

See examples of applications with our textile connectors, shackles, carabiners, loops and locks in the category PLUG & SAIL.

Product Details

Anneau à friction en duralumin anodisé FrD

Anneau à faible friction en duralumin anodisé nodusfactory


Low coefficient of friction:

  • Reduces wear and heat
  • Improves system efficiency

Wide, deep groove:

  • Reduces impact and wear
  • Accepts a wide range of ropes

Very low coefficient of friction:

  • Reduces effort required to maneuver ropes
  • Improves control and precision

Good tensile and flexural strength:

  • Ensures long service life
  • Supports high loads
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low coefficient of friction