Trapeze spoon in Dyneema®| Textile-Trap®


Trap®, trapeze spoon with low friction ring to facilitate the use of the boom height adjustment (hoist 1/2)

The Loop Dyneema® R2 trapeze spoon & Nodus low friction ring made of M3 technical resin is easy to use, very light and resists heavy loads.

Material: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymer / PEEK

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The Nodus M3 Loop R2® & Low Friction Ring Trap Spoon is easy to use, very light and withstands heavy loads.

A must-have product for your trapeze hoist with wedge cleat for an extra light and safe Trap® spoon.

+ Use :
  • For quick ascent and attachment to the trapeze.
  • The elastic reminding the trapeze cable is fixed under the friction ring
  • Facilitates and amplifies the babouinage by the elastic amplitude of the textile spoon Trap

Data sheet

  • Low friction ring made of FrPK technical resin
  • Dyneema® textile loop, 100% pre-stretched R2 12 fx, sizing
  • Loop glued and crimped in black polyamide
  • Shape memory elastomer and hardened polyethylene reinforcement


  • 360° rotation, never locks
  • Excellent weight/resistance ratio certified by Veritas
  • Reliable and maintenance free

Product Details

Article nameØ Rope R2Ø RingØ Recommended ropeWeightLength between axis
mm mm mm gr mm
Trap® 3 20 8 max 10 155


  • Extremely light
  • Does not damage the bridges and especially the runners...
  • Easily replaces stainless steel trapeze spoons
  • Remarkable workload and breakage