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Dyneema® Shackles and Carabiners

Textile shackles and snap hooks are becoming increasingly popular, but what are their main advantages and what are they used for?

In a nutshell, textile connectors are universal, flexible, resistant, durable and safe, making them an ideal replacement for traditional fittings on board your boat.

Textile connector for halyard, sheet, pulley, luff, ...


Universal, the Nodus Factory textile connectors can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Protects against impact and damage to mast, rig, deck, sails and crew...
  • 8 times lighter than metal equivalents

Service life

The service life of textile connectors depends on the working load. For a reasonable use at 50% of its breaking load, they will last longer.

Our tables show the maximum recommended sail area, and for use at 25% of its breaking load it will last twice as long as a shackle used at 50% of its breaking load.

A visual inspection when rigging will tell you the condition of your connectors, and heavy linting will indicate that it's time to replace or repair them...or give them a new lease of life with our protective coatings.

Our Dyneema® connectors are stronger, have equivalent longevity and a repairability index that's non-existent with traditional stainless steel fittings.

Made from Dyneema®, Vectran®, Technora®, Kevlar® or PES® Tech fibers, Nodus Factory's Made in France 4.0 rigging uses the excellence of new-generation materials from the worlds of space, aeronautics and ocean racing.

Dyneema® Shackles and Carabiners

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Soft shackle in Dyneema® | Soft-shackle 11 Bio-sourced

Soft shackle in Dyneema® | Soft-shackle 11 Bio-sourced

Soft-shackle 11 is a bio-sourced textile shackle that is part of an ecological movement to prevent waste and obsolescence through use.  By 2024, the reparability index is set to become a sustainability index, with the introduction of new criteria such as product robustness and reliability. Kit contents : 1 T-Bone; 1 interchangeable loop; 1 Bague Block®.  Materials: Bio-sourced Dyneema® / "Torqual T6" Aluninium / Bio-sourced Flexible TPE

Price From €10.41
Snap shackle in Dyneema® | M T-Close®

Snap shackle in Dyneema® | M T-Close®

A Dyneema® halyard and sheet snap shackle, the M T-Close is lightweight and easy to install on spliced-eye halyards and sheets. It opens and closes effortlessly, and its small size means it can be fitted as close as possible to the sail or deck. Available as a termination on estrope: E T-Close . Materials: Dyneema® / Polymers

Price From €16.14
Snap shackle in Dyneema® for spinnaker | M T-Sail®

Snap shackle in Dyneema® for spinnaker | M T-Sail®

M T-sail® , snap shackle in textile Dyneema® fiber specially designed for spinnaker and headsail maneuvers.  Carabiner, easy to use textile connector, extremely light, simple and quick to set up. Option :  Textile-Block fastening device designed especially for the point-to-point listening Available as a termination on estrope:  E T-Sail . Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers

Price From €27.12
Adjustable Dyneema® Shackle T Close K®

Adjustable textile shackle in Dyneema® | Soft Shackle T-Close® K

T-close K ® , universal, multi-purpose Dyneema® shackle with adjustable loop. It can be used in a wide range of situations and is your boat's "Swiss Army knife" . The K ®  shackle fits our Nodus Factory friction rings . Fr® ring for static use / FrD® ring for dynamic use Ring Fr®   Ring FrD® Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Tech Polymers

Price From €11.13
Sheet & Haleyard Dyneema® Shackle

Soft shackle in Dyneema® for halyard and sheet | T-close© C

Textile C® shackle in pre-stretched and enzimed Dyneema® fibre specially designed for halyards and sheets with an eye terminal. Dyneema® textile connector with secure, self-locking fastener (see tutorial). Unlosable with Block® Ring retention systems or String No need for a halyard stop, thanks to the T-close dog bone Available in several finishes depending on use (C / Ci / Cs) The flexibility and strength of our Dyneema® textile shackles offers a numbers of advantages. Materials: Dyneema® / Tech polymer s

Price From €12.79
Quick release snap shackle | M T-Drop®

Quick release snap shackle | M T-Drop®

T-drop® is a snap shackle that can be opened under load, Extremely lightweight, easy to use, with pin-safe. Quick release shackle under load. Option  :  Textile Block®   Textile Block Available as a termination on estrope:  E T-Drop . Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers

Price From €28.77
Dyneema® Shackle Lashing Block

Soft Shackle in Dyneema® for Block | T-close® T

The T® shackle is a Dyneema® textile shackle specially designed for use with wire rope pulleys. It's easy to install, very light and can withstand heavy loads. This shackle is compatible with most wire rope Pulleys as Hi-Tech Nodus Factory, Harken, Karver, Ronstan, Selden, Rutgerson... pulleys. Materials: Dyneema® / Tech Polymer

Price From €15.20
Soft shackle in Dyneema® | M® HL

Soft shackle in Dyneema® | M® HL

The Dyneema® M® High load textile shackle is a pre-stretched and enzimed high strength textile connection. Dyneema® textile connection, ultra light for high load. A Dyneema® textile rigging product, ideal for hanging up your blocks, halyards, sheets, etc. Plug & Sail : a ccessorize your Shackle with our FrD friction rings, or NUB friction ring: RING FRD®    NUB® Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Aluminium

Price From €23.44
Oversheathed Dyneema® Shackle Ms®HL

Soft shackle in Dyneema® over-sheathed | Ms® High-load

The Ms® High Load Dyneema textile shackle is pre-stretched and cover in dyneema. Ideal for hanging your pulleys, shackles, halyards, sheets etc. Advantages, durability, weight and reliability compared to stainless steel carabiners or shackles.  The particularity of this product is that it is over-sheathed for increased protection, exceptional durability and has a secure closure. This product is delivered with the Block® Nodus Factory ring . Plug & Sail  : a ccessorize your Shackle with our or NUB friction ring Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Technora / Aluminium

Price From €55.94
Jib sail carabiner Dyneema® | Mf T-Close

Jib sail carabiner Dyneema® | Mf T-Close

The Mf Sailhank / jib hanger is a jib ring made of Dyneema ® fiber, ideal for securing headsails to metal or textile forestays. Mounted directly on the eye of the sail, captive, quick and easy to attach. Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymer

Price From €8.42
Soft shackle in Dyneema® | Shackle BD®

Soft shackle in Dyneema® | Shackle BD®

Dyneema® textile shackle the ideal connector to replace steel shackles and metal carabiners. Flexible, lightweight and highly resistant, the textile shackle is unlikely to open accidentally, even when used under heavy load.  10 times lighter than a steel shackle, it's a good alternative to conventional shackles and carabiners. Materials: Dyneema® / Flexible TPE

Price From €8.72