Quick release snap shackle | M T-Drop®


T-drop® is a snap shackle that can be opened under load, Extremely lightweight, easy to use, with pin-safe. Quick release shackle under load.

Option : Textile Block® 

Textile Block

Available as a termination on estrope: E T-Drop.

Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers

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M T-drop® is a snap shackle that can be opened under load,

+ Uses
  • Snap shackle that can be opened under load, for quick connection between two elements: Sails, genoa, spinnaker, gennaker, sheets, spinnaker arm return, in-hauler, etc. 
  • Fastening on the sail ¬ The Pelican hook is placed directly in the clew or halyard or through the intermediary of a Textile-Block® 
  • Closure of the snap shackle ¬ Push the locking ring, secure with the pin
  • Release under load ¬ Withdraw the safety pin, pull on the locking ring
+ Spreadability
  • Repairability category 1

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

  • T-drop® fastener ¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA
  • Rope 100% made of Dyneema® R2 pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey/black
  • Locking secured under load and when not loaded by the pin
  • Strength certified by Veritas

Options : Textile Block

  • Textile-Block fastening device designed especially for the point-to-point listening (Ring, strap, ... etc)

Product Details

Mousqueton de spi à largage rapide | M T-Drop®


  • Release under load, does not get locked
  • Possibility of placing a release line
  • No oxidation
  • Does not damage the decks