Snap shackle in Dyneema® for spinnaker | M T-Sail®


The M T-sail® Dyneema textile carabiner by Nodusfactory:

A lightweight, versatile connector for spinnaker and gennaker halyards and sheets with eye termination.

Nodusfactory's M T-sail® carabiner is an innovative solution for sailmakers looking for a reliable, lightweight, easy-to-use connector for their spinnakers and gennakers. Made from Dyneema®, an extremely resistant textile fiber, this carabiner offers a multitude of advantages for sailors

Lightweight and compact:
The M T-sail® is much lighter than traditional metal carabiners, reducing the overall weight of the installation.
Its compact size makes it easy to store and handle.

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T-sail®, a Dyneema® textile snap hook specially designed for spinnaker and headsail maneuvers.

We offer 2 types of T-sail® finish, depending on your intended use:

  • Common, the classic pre-stretched and sized Dyneema® textile snap hook.
  • Technical, the textile Dyneema® carabiner with a Dyneema® sheath sock for extra protection against abrasion.
+ Application
  • Dyneema® textile connector for sheets, halyards, Spinnaker, genoa, tack, reefing.
  • Shackle or lark-head mounting and fastening (requires use of our Textile-Block® fastening system on the sail).

+ Repairability

  • Repairability category 1 - general & technical use

Repairability index -(Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

T-sail® carabiner in Dyneema® fabric


  • T-sail® connector :
  • PA 11 carbon 30% technical polymer
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • Increased rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Improved heat resistance

Rope :

  • 100% Dyneema® SK78
  • Ultra-strong, lightweight synthetic fiber
  • Grade SK78: one of the strongest
  • 12fx pre-stretched: improved strength and dimensional stability
  • Ensimé: coating for improved abrasion resistance and durability

Surgaine: "Technical

  • 100% Dyneema® SK78
  • 48fx pre-stretched: improved strength and dimensional stability
  • Ensimé: coating for improved abrasion resistance and durability

Block® ring:

  • Soft thermoplastic TPE
  • Flexible and impact-resistant
  • Provides fast locking and securing

Product Details

Advantages :

  • Extremely lightweight: up to 80% lighter than steel
  • Tough: designed for high loads and intensive use
  • Durable: UV, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Easy to use: fast opening and closing with Cap Node®.

Additional information:

  • Available in various sizes
  • Breaking load and rope eye diameter vary according to T-sail® connector size