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Dyneema® Carabiner | M T-Close Cs® 17kN


The T-Close 5 Cs® Dyneema M textile carabiner is a lightweight, versatile connector specially designed for halyards and sheets with an eye terminal.

Veritas-certified strength: 17.5 kN / 1750 Kgf
Sail area: Wind 30 kts 130 m2 maximum

Textile connector for connecting two elements, such as halyards, sheets, sails, mainsail footboards, hoists, etc. on boats.
Specially adapted to halyards and sheets thanks to its eye termination with Dyneema® sheath for enhanced protection against abrasion.

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The T-Close Cs® Dyneema M textile snap hook is a versatile connector that can be used for a wide range of applications on board a sailboat.

  • Sailboats: halyards, sheets, tackle, etc.
  • Various nautical applications: pulley attachment, equipment anchoring, etc.

Its strength and safety make it a reliable choice for maneuvering at sea.

Replaces traditional metal snap hooks on halyards and sheets.

  • Attach sails to booms and masts.
  • Adjust sail tension.
  • Create hoists to multiply force (friction rings option).
  • Attaching reefing lines

Data sheet

Technical data

M T-close 5 Cs® carabiner in Dyneema® Sk78 fabric

Véritas-certified strength: 17.5 kN / 1750 kgf


T-close® connector:

  • Glass-filled PA Tech technical polymer
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • Increased rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Improved heat resistance

Carabiner 100% Dyneema® SK78

  • Ultra-strong, lightweight synthetic fiber
  • Grade SK78: one of the most resistant
  • 12fx pre-stretched: greater strength and dimensional stability
  • Ensimé: coating for improved abrasion resistance and durability

Surgaine: "Technical

  • 100% PES High resistance
  • improved strength and dimensional stability

Block® crimping:

  • Spliced eye glued and crimped
  • Anti-abrasion coating (light yellow)

Advantages :

  • Extremely light: up to 80% lighter than steel
  • Tough: designed for high loads and intensive use
  • Low friction: reduces string wear and improves performance
  • Durable: UV, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Easy to use: fast opening and closing with Cap Node®.

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