Candlestick pulley


 Articulated Candlestick pulley  for furling gear, ideal for guiding the furling line of your headsail.

The stanchion block reduces friction on the furling line. Its unique system with its Dyneema® textile loop and friction ring allows automatic alignment.

Materials: Dyneema® / Polymer / Duralumin

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Nodus Factory stanchion pulley, with friction and textile fixing system.

  • It allows to reduce the friction of the reel end. 
  • Its unique system with its textile loop and its friction ring allows an automatic alignment.

+ Application

For deviating end track section, for furling line, for mainsheet, downhaul and spinnaker pole hoists, halyard return...

+ Spreadability
  • Repairability category 3

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

  • Can be put on and taken off very quickly
  • Textile loop in Nodex® R2
  • Duralumin FrD® friction rings (dynamic use) or Fr® technical resin ring (static use) 

Nodus & Tip

  • Advantage :
    Fits easily on Ø25mm and Ø30mm stanchions.

Product Details

Product NameBreaking LoadØ Spinner Ø RingØ Rope
KG mm mm mm
Chandelier pulley Fr 1200 kg 25 - 30 9 6-8
Chandelier pulley FrD 1800 kg 25 - 30 12 8-12 max.


  • Articulated
  • Automatic alignment
  • UV and friction resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and flexible at any angle
  • Reliable and maintenance free