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Textile blocker Dyneema® | Blocker-Roller®


Adjusting the sheet pulling point

The Nodus Factory textile blocker is an adjustable, self-locking Dyneema® braided textile blocker with a low-friction ring, or an open Hook-type ring. It allows you to adjust the height of the genoa or headsail clew like a "Roller" on a clew rail.

Ø Very light and strong, it's easy to use and install.

Raw materials : Dyneema® / Polymer

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Blocker Roller : Version

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The principle is simple: as the tension of your sheet increases, the blocking of the Blocker-Roller® strope increases.

+ Uses

1- Connect the Blocker-Roller to your deck with our "Bosco" textile shackle. 

2- Adjust the power of your genoa:

  • By increasing the length of the Blocker-Roller boom, you raise the clew, which opens the sail and the power comes out the top.
  • Decreasing the length of the Blocker-Roller boom closes the leech, increasing power and the list.

Data sheet

  • Hollow braid of mixed Dyneema® and PES "HD" 12 fx fiber, enzymed and sewn  
  • Adjustment loops with Dyneema® 48 fx overbraiding
  • Nodus Factory "Bosco knot" textile shackle connector

Product Details

Product Name

Working Load

Winf Force Accessory



KG 25 Nds cm cm
Blocker-Roller FRD10 750 4/8mm 50m2 Anneau FRD10 12 45
Blocker-Roller FRD14 900 6/10mm 70m2 Anneau FRD14 15 55
Blocker-Roller FRD20 2500 10/14mm 100m2 Anneau FRD20 18 65
Blocker-Roller Hook Friction 14 400 6/10mm 25m2 Hook Friction 14 15 55
Blocker-Roller Hook Friction 20 1200 10/14mm 70m2 Hook Friction 20 18 65


  • Multi-purpose textile "wedge cleat" mobile rope clamp
  • Easy adjustment of pull point height 
  • Quick and easy to install on rail, trigger guard, chainplate, etc., according to your deck layout
  • Optimized ergonomics, no protruding or aggressive parts
  • Improves your deck layout