Loop with Dyneema® sheath | loop Pad-Race®


Loop in Dyneema® sheath is a flat webbing ideal for attaching a pulley or a low-friction ring. Made from hollow braid, the rope is coated with polyurethane to improve abrasion and UV resistance.

Very easy to install with a lark's head mounting, it is useful in many applications.

Ideal as a complement to Pad-Race® glue-on padeye.

Material: Dyneema®

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size: dyneema flat loop

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The Dyneema® sk 78 flat webbing is a multi-purpose connector that is very strong and built to last.

+ Use
  • Textile connector to link two elements.
  • Ideal for boating
  • Very light, excellent resistance to UV and breakage

Data sheet

  • Surgaine 100% Dyneema ¬ Black

Nodus & Tip

  • Ideal as a complement to the Pad-Race glue-on padeyes

Product Details

Product NameUsage loadLength
flat strap 500 kg 10 / 14 / 18 cm


  • The flexibility of the textile ensures that the work is in line with the efforts
  • Very resistant to UV rays
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Reliable and maintenance-free