• Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®
  • Mainsail damper Sail-fuse®

Mainsail damper | Sail-fuse®


The Sail-fuse® Nodus Factory™ textile shock absorber is an innovative load fuse and mainsail damper. It is designed to protect your mainsail and rig in the event of an impromptu gybe or sudden gust of wind.

How it works:
The Sail-fuse® is made of extremely strong Dyneema® textile webbing. It incorporates an energy absorber that breaks when the load on the mainsail exceeds a certain threshold. This dissipates the impact energy and prevents major damage to your yacht.

The Sail-fuse® is easily installed between the boom and the mainsail hoist. It is designed for use on all types of sailboats, from small dinghies to large racing boats.

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shock absorber: intervention load

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Sail-Fuse® connects two components which are subjected to opposing forces during use.

Energy-absorbing textile connector between boom and mainsail hoist

This device is not a substitute for establishing the "weather sail", as there is no such thing as zero risk.


  • Avoid damage to stays and shrouds, which can lead to structural failure of the equipment.
  • Passive safety - load transfer
  • Weight/strength ratio
  • Repairable category 1

Data sheet


  • Body: 100% Dyneema
  • Overmolding: Polyolefin
  • Rope: 100% High-density polyethylene (HDPE)


  • High breaking strength: Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel at the same strength.
  • Low weight: The textile fuse is very light, which is important for sailboat performance.
  • UV resistance: Dyneema® and polyolefin are UV-resistant, which means they won't deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.
  • Low elasticity: Dyneema® has very low stretch, allowing precise control of the sail.
  • Hydrophobic: Dyneema® and polyolefin do not absorb water, making them ideal for use in damp environments.

Sail-Fuse 6 from 180 mm / 900 mm

Sail-Fuse 12 from 200 mm / 1100 mm

Sail-Fuse 18 250 mm / 1350 mm

Product Details

Amortisseur grand voile textile Sail-fuse


  • Protection against damage: The textile fuse breaks to dissipate energy and prevent major damage to your mainsail and rig.
  • Passive safety: The textile fuse acts as a safety system in the event of a violent gybe or oversold situation.
  • Easy to install: The textile fuse is easy to install and replace.
  • Weight/resistance ratio: The textile fuse is very light and offers exceptional resistance.

Further information:

  • Please refer to the table concerning sail areas, the area indicated corresponds to the breaking point.
  • Limitations :
  • Sail-fuse® is not a substitute for good sailing practices. It's important to adapt your sail to the weather conditions at all times, and to keep a close eye on your boat when sailing. Zero risk does not exist!

Attaches to the clew of the mainsail hoist, or in conjunction with the boom, or to the downhaul.