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Loop in Dyneema® for friction ring | Block-loop® friction


Block-loop® friction is a textile loop sheathed in Dyneema® designed for low-friction rings.

It is supplied with the locking ring, a product of the Plug and Sail™ range.

Materials: Dyneema® / Polymer / Duralumin

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Product Name
Ring length (L)

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The Block-loop® friction, is a coated textile loop designed for a low-friction ring.

+ Use
  • Textile loop for rings, easy to use and designed for a heavy static load.
  • To guide, deflect and haul any ropes, sheets for genoas, spinnakers, drum bosses barber-hauler and cascading backstay and many other applications.
  • Ideal for the tack on an asymmetric spinnaker
+ Use
+ Spreadability
  • Repairability category 3

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Find all the information on the load forces according to the deflection angle HERE

Data sheet

  • Loop®, core and sheath made of 100% Dyneema® R2 12fx pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey / black
  • Block®, clamping and holding ring, made of flexible TPE thermoplastic which can quickly lock and fix a low-friction ring.
  • Nodus Factory low friction ring™ made of Self-lubricating technical plastic resin ¬ black or FrD ring in duralumin ¬ grey / orange

Product Details

Designation Breaking Load

Sail Area

under Ring length

Internal Ø Rope Ø

M2 ≥ 60°

Coef 2

Ring recommended
kN S M L mm mm
BL 14 FrP 12 33 4 5 7 13 6/8
BL 20 FrP 16 44 5 7 19 8/12
BL 14 FrD 18 49 4 5 7 16 8/12
BL 20 FrD 50 130 5 7 24 12/20


  • Requires no splicing, easy and quick to install.
  • The Block® ring holds the textile strands parallel to uniformly and optimally distribute the working loads on the ring.
  • Coated textile loop, resistant to chafing and UV.
  • Reliable and maintenance free.

Nodus and tricks

  • You can use the Block-loop to strap your pulleys.
  • Check the breaking load of the rings used.

The Block® rings are clamping and holding rings, for pulleys and rings with low friction, on textile loops and with Nodus Factory shackles.