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Adjustable textile blocker for lazy-jack | T-Lazy®


T-Lazy, adjustable textile blocker for Lazy-bags, Lazy-jacks and tauds.

Allows you to quickly fine-tune your Lazy-bags and tauds
Adjustable loop, slide on the T-Lazy® connector, then block with the Cap® or Grip® knot in the agitated zone for total blocking.

Materials: Polyester PES® / Polymer tech

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Product Name

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E T-lazy-Jack, adjustable cleat on strop for lazy-bag in Dyneema®, lazy-jack and cover. for quick and precise adjustment of your lazy systems and covers.

+ Uses 
  • E T-lazy-Jack ¬ Self-locking adjustable cleat ¬ For lazy-bags and lazy-jacks, etc… 
  • Replaces cleats and other fixed attachment systems. 
  • For quick and precise adjustment of your lazy systems and covers
+ Nodus & Tips

Use Fr technical resin friction rings for your Lazy-Jack

Data sheet

  • T-Lazy-Jack connector ¬ Movable locking piece, PA tech
  • Cruising ~ Rope, 100% sizing 12fx polyester ¬ Light grey
  • Structural termination, can also be used as a stress-relieving loop ¬ Attached with a lark's head knot

Installation :

  • Place the textile loop on the T-Lazy® connector
  • Slide the connector to the desired height, take up and tighten the tie, release the tie. The system is locked

100% Dyneema® or HD polyester rope

  • (R) SK78 12 fx pre-stretched, sizing ¬ Light gray/black
  • (S) PES pre-sintered ¬ Grey

T-lazy connector ¬ Movable locking piece,

  • Glass-filled Pa Tech
  • Structural termination, bonded and crimped in HDPE

Product Details


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to use ¬ Closure ¬ Cap® or Grip® knot ¬ Quickly adjustable
  • Replaces knots, cleats and other devices