low friction carbon pulley | Pulley Sleek®


The Sleek® low-friction P-Tech® carbon pulley, Nodus Factory™ is very light, reliable and highly resistant to friction for dynamic use.

It can be used in many applications with all types of non-abrasive ropes.

An ultra-light, compact sheaveless pulley for multiple uses on small units, lazy jack, cunningham, barber, kitesurf...

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Low-friction sheaveless pulley

  • Dynamic use for 2 to 5 mm ropes
  • Lazy-jack and lazy-bag pulleys
  • Cunningham
  • Barber
  • ... just about everything, depending on the load forces required!

Dynamic use, high friction speed T°C continuous use T °C + 170 /191

P-tech C coefficient of friction 0.38 compared with aluminum 1.35

Data sheet

Sleek® pulley in P-Tech carbon, friction ring in carbon-filled polyamide

  • High Friction ¬ Technical polyamide P-Tech® Pa 11 ¬ 30% carbon Black
  • Thermoplastic polymer of the aliphatic polyamide family, derived from castor oil and therefore of renewable origin.
  • 2 components / Base polymer, carbon fibers

Product Details

Poulie à faible friction sleek

poulie à friction sleek


  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Higher tensile and flexural strength than aluminum
  • Good surface quality
  • No corrosion
  • High rigidity