Clew strap in Dyneema® with pulley | SC-Nub®


Sc-Nub® is a Dyneema®" boom sling with a heavy-duty Nub friction block for attaching the clew of a free-sailing mainsail to the boom. 

No-drill boom attachment with lashing "tie strap type attachment" supplied in Dyneema®.

Materials: Dyneema® / High T° thermoplastic

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The Sc-Nub® Boom Strap,clew strap with pulley is a dyneema® tie strap with a Nub® low friction open ring for cascading boom vang, cunningham and backstay.


  • Allows easy cascade mounting for very high loads
  • Single, double or triple cascade of boom vang, cunningham, backstay, etc.

Nodus & Tip

  • Multiply the power of your hoists, a high quality accessory that makes life easier for the yachtsman and the sailor.

Data sheet

  • 100% sewn webbing in pre-stretched Dyneema® R2 32fx, enzymatic ¬ black
  • Structural eye termination ¬ sewn
  • Dyneema® lashing 
  • Nodus-Nub low friction pulley ¬ high strength thermoplastic resin ¬ black 

Product Details





Room Height

"Lashing" Rope Adjustable Loop Mainsail size
R2 Basket Straight R2 L straight 40 nds
KG cm  mm Max cm m2
Sc 3 NUB 2000 12 3 40 30/60
Sc 4 NUB 3000 16 3 50 60/80
Sc 5 NUB 4000 20 3 60 80/100


  • Spherical friction pulley for heavy load BL 4700 Kg 
  • Easy and quick to install, lashing directly to the boom in Dyneema®. 
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • Certified resistance