Boom Strap in Dyneema® Adjustable | SC®


DSK78 48fx Dyneema®Sc® clew webbing, sized

A clew webbing designed for free-swinging sails made from Dyneema®, a high-performance textile fiber known for its strength and durability. The webbing is also sized, making it even more resistant to abrasion and UV rays.

Adjustable textile "tie" connector for attaching the clew of a free-edge mainsail to the boom.

Loop adjustable by lashing, supplied and locked with a minimum of 4 half-hitches.

The mainsail hoist can be attached directly to the tie strap.

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SC® clew strap

The SC® clew strap is a Dyneema® "tie" strap for attaching the clew of a free-sailing mainsail to the boom.

Ease of use

  • Size-adjustable
  • Closes with a minimum of 4 half-hitcheskeys
  • Highly resistant to UV and abrasion

Product strengths

  • Versatility: SC® webbing is compatible with a wide range of booms and sails.
  • Ease of use: The strap is easy to install and adjust, even under sail.
  • Performance and durability: The SC® strap is designed for long life and high performance.
  • Benefits: SC® webbing is lightweight, durable and offers great freedom of movement.
  • Safety and performance: SC® webbing is designed to guarantee the safety and performance of your sailboat.

Nodus & Tips

Use pulleys or friction rings NUB pulleys or friction rings to complement your Nodusfactory® SC boom strap.

Data sheet

100% Dyneema® sewn webbing

  • 48 fx pre-stretched, sizing ¬ black

Structural eye termination ¬ sewn
Lashingin Dyneema® SK78

  • SK78 12 fx pre-stretched, silk-stitched ¬ light gray / black
  • Glued and crimped termination in PEDH

Product Details

sangle de bome en dyneema sc lashing


  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Textile's suppleness allows to be in the axis of efforts
  • Easy to use ¬ Closes with a minimum of 4 half-keys
  • Highly resistant to UV and abrasion

Nodus & Tip

  • You can use the Nodusfactory boom strap to attach your mainsail hoist directly to the boom.