Boom Strap in Dyneema® Adjustable | S T-close®


S T-close® dyneema clew strap for attaching the clew of a free-floating mainsail to the boom.

Adjustable clew for the boom, the length can be modified by sliding the T-close® connector, then locking with the Grip© knot.

Easy to use:
Adjustment to size
Closing with the Grip© knot
Highly resistant to UV and abrasion

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ST-close®adjustable boom sling with protective overgirdle.

The T-close® strap is an adjustable Dyneema® "tie" strap for attaching the clew of a free-rigging mainsail to the boom.

Strong points

  • Versatility: The strap is compatible with a wide range of booms and sails.
  • Ease of use: The strap is easy to install and adjust, even under sail.
  • Performance and durability: The strap is designed to last and deliver high performance.
  • Benefits: The strap is lightweight, durable and offers great freedom of movement.
  • Safety and performance: The strap is designed to guarantee the safety and performance of your sailboat.

Nodus & Tips

Use pulleys or friction rings NUB to complement your boom strap.

Data sheet

100% Dyneema® rope

  • SK78 12 fx pre-stretched, sizing ¬ Light grey/black

T-close connector ¬ Movable locking piece, various sizes available

  • T-close® connector ¬ Glass-filled Pa Tech

Surgaine 100% HD polyester

  • Tight weave and sizing ¬ Black or white

Structural termination, bonded and crimped in HDPE

Product Details

sangle de bome réglable en dyneema st-close


  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Textile's flexibility allows it to be in the axis of effort
  • Easy to use ¬ Closes with a minimum of 4 half-keys
  • Highly resistant to UV and abrasion