Low-friction block | Block-Nub®


The Blok-Nub® friction sheave is a low-friction, sheave-less sheave with cover that withstands very high loads.

Intrinsically lubricated, it can be used in a wide range of applications and on all types of non-aggressive ropes.

Block-Nub offers a unique combination of advantages in terms of performance, durability and ease of use. It's an excellent choice for applications where friction must be minimized and strength maximized.

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Extremely light and strong friction pulley, halfway between a low-friction ring and a sheave-less pulley with heavy-duty cover.

Friction resistance with good glide ratio under high load.

  • High load in dynamic use
  • GV drop adjustment
  • Tackle block
  • 3D headsail adjustment
  • Bottom boom halyard
  • Deck flats & Hoist

... just about everything!

Versatility and adaptability :

  • Works with all types of rope: The Block-Nub block is compatible with textile, Dyneema® and polyester ropes.
  • Multiple uses: The Block-Nub pulley can be used for a wide range of applications, including reeving, tackle, vang, runners and sheets.
  • Easy installation: The Block-Nub block is easy to install and dismantle, requiring no special tools.

Data sheet

Block-Nub® low-friction, sheave-less, overcap pulley

Material: 30% carbon-filled PA11 (Recycled)

  • Coefficient of friction: 0.15
  • Tensile strength: 170 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity: 8 GPa
  • Service temperature: -40°C to +180°C
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Origin: Castor oil (renewable)

Product Details

Poulie à faible friction | Block-Nub®

Poulie sans réa Block-Nub


  • Rope retaining clevis
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Less wear on ropes, extending their service life.
  • Versatility and adaptability
  • Lightweight and compact:

Corrosion- and UV-resistant materials: the Block-Nub pulley is designed to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.

High workload: The Block-Nub pulley can withstand heavy loads.

Ease of use and safety:

- Intuitive, easy-to-use friction system.

- Reduced risk of rope jamming.

- Reliable and safe.