Mickey-Nub® 3D Nub® violin pulley


M-Nub®, the Mickey-Nub® 3D fiddle block is a set of 3 connection points, ideal for efficient 3D adjustment of the genoa tack.

Lightweight and compact, the Mickey-Nub® 3D multiaxial fiddle block allows perfect alignment of connections at different angles, and each friction Nub block is steerable and mobile (10 times lighter than a pulley), designed for heavy loads.

Easy to configure, this multiaxial 3D system will produce minimum friction and wear on your ropes.

  • It can be used with all types of rope, although some Technora® ropes have an aggressive grip.

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A multiaxial violin pulley for 3D adjustment.
The textile connection allows the load to self-align, reducing fatigue on Nub pulleys and ropes.
  • High load in static & dynamic use
  • Under beard
  • 3D headsail adjustment
  • Bottom boom halyard
  • Double sheet returns
  • Deck & hoist flats
... just about everything!

Data sheet

Nub® low friction pulley

  • Technical polymer - Semi-crystalline thermoplastic
  • Twice as light as aluminum and six times lighter than steel
  • Friction resistance with good sliding coefficient under high load
  • Good chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance

Low-friction FRD ring, in hardened anodized Duralumin ¬ anthracite gray FrD14

  • Textile® crimp between Nub® pulley, 100% Dyneema® core and sheath
  • SK78 12 fx pre-stretched, sizing ¬ Light gray / black

Product Details

poulie violon mickey-nub réglage 3D


  • High mechanical strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Load alignment
  • Large deflection angles