Padeye Halyard Organizers | Pad-Hook®


Padeye Pad-Hook® Glue-on textile cleat for storing ropes.

The padeye can mount on any flat surface in the cockpit to lash lines, or inside the boat on bulkheads to prevent items from shifting while under sail. Great for organizing sheets or dock lines.

Pad-Hook® is a small glue-on textile cleat that allows you to keep all your ropes and lines coiled up and always ready to use and within reach.

OptionalNodus Loc® glue - 1 tube (12ml) for 4 to 6 pads

Material : PA Tech / Polyamide bioplastic (recyclable)

Nodus Loc

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textile string

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Pad-Hook® is a small textile cleat to be glued that allows you to keep all your ropes and lines well coiled and always ready to use and within reach.

  • Ideal for hanging halyards in the cockpit when leaving the blocker !
  • Very easy to install, your Padeye Pad-Hook allows you to organize your onboard storage ?
+ Uses
  • The padeye Pad-Hook, once glued to the wall, the mast or the boom, keeps your ropes and halyards well coiled thanks to a textile toggle* (optional)
  • Fixed in the anchor locker, it will allow you to always have your hawsers well coiled in the lockers
  • It allows you to hang or fix any element so that nothing moves in the boat, whether it is your eye bucket, your deck broom or any other mandatory safety equipment on a boat!

Data sheet


  • Body: Biobased technical polyamide (PA 11 Biobased)
  • Cordage: High-density polyester (PES)

Body properties :

  • Weather-resistant, PA11 is a robust material that does not degrade under the effect of UV, water or salt.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Shock-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, biosourced PA11 is made from renewable raw materials.

Stringing :

  • Diameter: 2.5 mm
  • Length: 100 cm (adjustable)
  • Material: Polyester PES

Product Details

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String advantages :

  • Abrasion-resistant: PES is a robust material that doesn't wear out easily.
  • UV-resistant: PES does not degrade under the effect of ultraviolet rays.
  • Hydrophobic: PES does not absorb water.
  • Lightweight and flexible: PES is easy to handle.