Padeye for loop textile | Pad-Race®


The Pad-Race®, an adhesive resin chainplate or Padeye designed by Nodus Factory.

Easily installed and fixed anywhere on deck, below deck, on the mast or boom, etc.

Resistant and versatile
PA11 carbon material
Fixing: Nodus-Loc glue
Pad-Race 45 - 2.5 daN / Pad-Race 55 - 3.5 daN material

Option: Nodus Loc® glue - 1 tube (12ml) for 4 to 6 pads . Flat girth

Nodus Loc Flat strap

See features below
padeye model / size

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The Pad-Race® is a resin padeye designed and developed by Nodus Factory, in collaboration with Team Paprec-Arkea, to meet the specific needs of Class 40 and Imoca yachts.

  • Quick and easy to install, your Pad-Race will support 250 kg to 350 kg once fixed with Nodus-Loc® bi-component glue.
  • Its oval shape allows the pad-eye to be positioned optimally according to the angle and direction of the load.
  • pad-eye and textile connectors are replaceable in the event of wear.


  • Multi-purpose pad-eye for light maneuvering, it can also be used to suspend or hang your equipment in or on your boat (banners, canvas covers, storage pockets, bollards, etc.).
  • Easy to install anywhere on deck, mast or boom, etc.
  • Assembly with Nodus-Loc® bi-component glue (or Sika-type glue)

Data sheet

  • Pad-Race in bio-sourced PA11 or PA Tech Black
  • Model 45: Length 45 mm - Width 35 mm - Height 10 mm
  • Model 55: Length 55 mm - Width 40 mm - Height 15 mm
  • Nodus-Loc Bi-component adhesive (optional)

Nodus & Tip

Its shape is perfect for use with rope or flat braid.

Product Details

Padeye à coller pour lien textile  Cadène Pad-Race

Advantages over existing chainplates

  • Lighter and stronger: The Pad-Race® is made of high-performance resin, making it lighter and stronger than existing padeyes or traditional stainless steel chainplates.
  • Easier to install: Pad-Race® can be glued or screwed on in minutes.
  • Safer: Pad-Race® has a smooth, rounded surface that poses no risk of injury.
  • More aesthetic: The Pad-Race® has an elegant, discreet design that blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your yacht.

Discover the Pad-Race® and the articulated chainplate that revolutionizes your anchoring and mooring points!