Padeye textile round glue-on | PAD-SX 30


The Pad-SX 30 is the smallest round glue-on padeye on the market, ideal for hanging all your equipment on your boat, designed and developed by Nodus Factory to meet specific on-board needs.

Quick and easy to install, your Pad-SX 30 will support a load of 150 kg once fixed with Nodus-Loc® bi-component glue.

Its small size (Ø30 mm) and low thickness (3 mm) allow the padeye to be glued almost anywhere on your boat.

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Multi-purpose textile bridle for hanging or hooking all your equipment in or on your boat, bannettes, canvas covers, storage pockets, light maneuvering transmissions, etc.

  • Installs and sticks easily and anywhere on deck, below deck, on mast or boom,...

Assembly :

1- Prepare and clean the surface.

2- Mix and apply the two-component adhesive.

3- Glue and maintain pressure for at least 5'.

Wait 24 hours before use

Padeye rond a coller Pad SX 30

Data sheet

Padeye SX 30 - Textile trigger guard & lashing

  • PA 11 Carbon 30 black
  • PA 12 White glass

T-Bone TI6 eco-titanium length 20mm

Textile Dyneema® 12 fx diameter 3 mm

Nodus-Loc® Bi-component glue (optional)

For heavy loads, use 316 L stainless steel screws: 2.9 mm / 18 mm (not supplied)

Product Details

padeye textile rond à coller Pad-Sx 30


  • Easy installation, thanks to our two-component adhesive
  • Versatility and flexibility, whatever the angle of pull
  • Creation of new fixed points
  • Optimized ergonomics, with no edges or aggressive protrusions