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Low friction ring | I-TECH® Dynamic Use


I-Tech® Nodusfactory low-friction rings are self-lubricating, very light and resistant to dynamic friction.

They can be used in a wide range of dynamic applications with all types of ropes, they have a longer lifetime than metal and are 80% lighter!

+/- 6900 hours under continuous friction

+/- 200,000 halyard transmissions, tacking, sail trimming, etc.

The best glide isn't smooth!

Material: I-TECH | Lubricating thermoplastic polymer (recyclable)

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I-Tech ring

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I-Tech®, Nodus Factory® rings are self-lubricating, very light and highly resistant to friction.

They can be used in a wide range of dynamic applications with all types of rope.

  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Dynamic use, very high friction speed Continuous use T°C +140 /180
  • Coefficient of friction of PO Itech 0.18 compared to aluminium 1.35
  • 60° angle gives 100% load 180° angle gives 200% load
  • Essential on board for your yacht with our textile connectors "Loops, Lock, textile shackle..." to optimise your deck layout for greater safety and performance.


  • Under barbs
  • 3D headsail adjustment
  • Double sheets
  • Trunk
  • Dynamically adjustable stanchions
  • Boom vang
  • Genoa adjustments.

Find out more about load forces as a function of deflection angle HERE

Data sheet

  • Low Friction ¬ I-Tech self-lubricating technical plastic resin ¬ Ivory / Black

Nodus & Tip

I-Tech® Low Friction Rings have a non-adhesive surface condition due to their production design and the material used. Friction is dynamic without energy loss.

The contact surface creates an angle of friction that limits adhesion at the beginning of the maneuver and improves sliding performance.

I-Tech rings for dynamic use are 20% lighter and 20% stronger! 

Coefficient of friction of the I-Tech PO 0.18 compared to aluminum 1.35 with Max lubricant treatment 0.30...

Product Details

Product name

Breaking Load


Ø Recommended rope

Low Friction KG mm mm mm mm mm gr
I-Tech 7 400 5 6 10 18 2/4 1
I-Tech 10 1000 7 9 12 24 4/6 2
I-Tech 14 1500 9 13 15 34 6/8 4


  • High mechanical strength, flexible Low friction
  • High impact and UV resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Twice as light as aluminum and six times lighter than steel
  • Reliable and maintenance free