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Loop high-load in Dyneema® | L HL®


The Loop L® high-load is a Dyneema® textile ring. This flexible textile connector is an ideal hook for heavy loads, such as standing rigging.

The technical feature of our loops (endless slings made of Dyneema® fiber) is that they are both core and sheath, providing greater resistance than a traditional loop.

These products are compatible with most pulley Harken, Karver, Ronstan, Selden, Rutgerson...

Optional locking system:

Bague BlockVelcro - Twist Lock

Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE 

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Loop: maximum resistance
closed lenght

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The Loop L® High Load in Dyneema® is a textile ring for high loads, ideal as a flexible connector. It is used to connect blocks to the sheet track, the jib track, the boom and spars (spinnaker pole, bowsprit, etc.), backstays and runners to the tackle blocks.

We offer 3 types of Dyneema loops depending on the use you intend for them:

  • Classic, pre-stretched and sized dyneema textile loop.
  • Intensive, the textile dyneema loop with a "core and sheath", the structural part is in the center of the loop thanks to the double-pass stitching.
  • Technical, same as the intensive but with a dyneema sock for a reinforced protection against abrasion.
+ Use
  • Dyneema® textile connector for blocks on outhaul, jib track, boom and spars (spinnaker pole, bowsprit, etc.) linking backstays and runners to tackle blocks
  • Ideal for securing low-friction blocks and rings used as "Turnbuckles" or "Return blocks".
+ Nodus & Tip
  • For basket attachment, use Block® rings or Twist Lock® velcro straps to secure the strands
  • Optimize your loop by checking the sheave size, the CMU or the BWL of your pulleys!

Data sheet

  • Textile loop, core and sheath 100% Dyneema® 12fx pre-stretched, smeared ¬ Light grey / black
  • Boxed splice, Dyneema® seam

Optional locking accessories

Nodusfactory ™ Dyneema® Loops L® are Made in France and made in our workshops.

Product Details


  • Very light, excellent tensile strength and breaking strength
  • Guarantees that the work is in line with the forces
  • Very resistant to UV rays
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Veritas certified resistance