Textile blocker Dyneema® | Blocker-Roller®


The Nodus Factory textile rope clamp: a versatile, high-performance textile rope clamp

The Nodus Factory textile rope clamp is an adjustable, self-locking Dyneema® braided rope clamp. It is fitted with a low-friction ring or an open Hook-type ring.

It can be used to adjust the clew height of genoa or headsails like a "Roller" on a clew rail.

Very light and strong, it is easy to use and install.

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Blocker Roller : Version

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The Blocker-Roller® textile blocker is an adjustable, self-locking estrope with a low-friction ring, or an open ring for hooking your headsail sheets.

  • Three times lighter and twice as strong as a conventional metal blocker, the Blocker-Roller® textile blocker can be used to create a furler, a barber-haufer that can be easily installed on a chainplate or rail,...
  • Simple and effective, this blocking system uses the textile sock principle: the greater the tension, the stronger the blocking.
  • Installation and use is simple and requires no drilling in the boat. The blocker is attached with a shackle or snap shackle directly to an existing chainplate, fargue rail, trigger guard, etc.

+ Use

1- Connect the Blocker-Roller to your deck with our "Bosco" textile shackle.

2- Adjust the power of your genoa:

  • By increasing the length of the Blocker-Roller® boom, you raise the clew, which opens the sail and the power comes out the top.
  • Decreasing the length of the Blocker-Roller® boom closes the leech, increasing power and heel.

Data sheet

  • Hollow braid of mixed Dyneema® and PES "HD" 12 fx fiber, enzymed and sewn  
  • Adjustment loops with Dyneema® 48 fx overbraiding
  • Nodus Factory "Bosco knot" textile shackle connector

Product Details


  • Multi-purpose textile "wedge cleat" mobile rope clamp
  • Easy adjustment of pull point height 
  • Quick and easy to install on rail, trigger guard, chainplate, etc., according to your deck layout
  • Optimized ergonomics, no protruding or aggressive parts
  • Improves your deck layout