Pulley for Sailboat | Block-Loop Nub®


The Block-loop® friction NUB, is a Dyneema® sheathed textile loop designed for friction NUB ring.

Supplied with the locking ring, a Plug and Sail™ product.

Materials: Dyneema® / High T° thermoplastic

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Textile connector
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The Block-loop Nub® is a multiaxial spherical low friction textile pulley that can holds very high loads.

  • Can be used in many applications and with all types of soft ropes thanks to its inherent lubrication
+ Use
  • Ideal for reeving, used on cascading tackles (back-stay, downhaul, running backstay...), return angle, or even on standing riggings (shrouds).
  • Easy to install anywhere on the deck : plate, toe rail, mast step... using our textil connectors. 
+ Spreadability
  • Repairability category 3

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Find all the information on the load forces according to the deflection angle HERE

Data sheet

  • Nodus-Nub « Low friction » ¬ in Self-lubricating technical plastic resin ¬ black
  • Dyneema® textile connector

Nodus & tricks

  • The textile Hook friction is captive on sheets and braces so choose it for your Spinnaker sheets returns.
  • Doesn't substitute the high performance pulleys used in dynamic mode.

Product Details

DescriptionBreaking Load Ø Rope
Connector Running 
KG mm
NUB 40 HF 4700 8/10
Connector Nodex SizeBeaking Load
cm kg
L Nub 10 3800
Ls Nub 10 3800


  • Excellent weight/strength ratio
  • High impact and UV resistance
  • Low friction coeficient for all type of rope, thanks to its inherent lubrification
  • 2 times lighter than the aluminium and 6 time lighter than the steel
  • Completely secured thanks to its mobile rigid strand 
  • Reliable, maintenance free