Speed-Drop Connector | Load Release Carabiner

The Speed-drop® connector is mainly used on sailboats to facilitate maneuvering and increase safety when using spinnakers and halyards .

Here are its two main uses:

1. Spinnaker: The Speed-drop® is ideal for quickly releasing the spinnaker sheet in the event of an unexpected gust of wind or any other situation requiring rapid release of the sail. In an emergency, it can help avoid potentially dangerous situations.

2. Halyard: The Speed-drop® can also be used for halyards, which are used to hoist and lower sails. As with the spinnaker, it allows the sail to be released quickly when needed.

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Speed-drop® connector

  • 7075 aluminum
  • Hard anodizing treatment
  • Friction resistance with good sliding coefficient under high load
  • Improved rigidity
  • Corrosion resistance (to nickel salt build-up, approx. 300 hours)
  • The hard oxide layer develops 50% as an overthickness and 50% in the metal.

Recommended 4 mm diameter strop 100% Dyneema® sk78 or sk99


Textile-Block®: attachment device designed for sail clews (rings, straps, etc.). Loop made of Dyneema® and supplied with a Bague Block® locking ring.

Data sheet

Carabiner body:

  • Anodized and hardened 7075 aluminum
  • Standard model: Without rope
  • Rope-mounted model: Dyneema® sheath
  • Safety pin: Optional


  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Excellent tensile and fatigue strength
  • Good corrosion resistance


  • Aluminum: 87-90
  • Zinc: 5.6-6.2%
  • Magnesium: 2.1-2.9% Copper
  • Copper: 0.15-0.40% max.
  • Silicon: 0.40% max
  • Iron: 0.50% max

Mechanical properties:

  • Tensile strength: 570 MPa (min)
  • Yield strength: 500 MPa (min)
  • Elongation at break: 12% (min)
  • Brinell hardness: 150 HB (min)

Product Details

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