Plug & Sail™

The Plug & Sail™ Range offers boat owners a new, versatile textile shackle that is easy to use, effective, fast, universal, lightweight and safe.

They can be used in almost any sail trimming or hauling manoeuvers, the Block-Loop, Block-Shackle and Block-Ring are essential on board your yacht.

The Block® products in the Plug & Sail™ Range can withstand heavy loads and are made of Dyneema® R2 (DSK 78) coupled with simple accessories, quality friction rings by Wichard and our Block® rings, they form a fast and complete attachment system suitable for the mast foot, or on deck plates for adjusting, deviating or hauling any lines.

Our High-Load textile shackles and loops, coupled with low-friction rings and our self-locking Block® rings, are just as useful in competitive sailing as leisure sailing and are the basis for versatile and modular textile fittings.

Nodus Factory textile fittings will become a universal model for bpat owners!

Plug & Sail™

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Connector Nodus-NUB®

Connector Nodus-NUB®

Nodus-NUB® Friction  - Textil friction pulley  The Nodus-Nub® is a multiaxial spherical low friction textile pulley. Combined with a textile connector, the Nodus-Nub can holds very high loads. 

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