Adjustable and lockable loop for friction ring| Lock-B®


The Textile-Lock® is a Dyneema® strop-type connector with an adjustable eye designed to attach low-friction rings or Nub® quickly and securely.

  • Ideal for reefing on mainsail


Materials: Dyneema® / UHMPE / Velcro®

See features below
Lock length basket / straight
Oversheath color : Dyneema
Polyester over sheet color

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We offer 2 types of  Dyneema® Lock® depending on the use you intend for them: 

Intensive, the Dyneema® Lock loop is "core and sheath", the structural part is in the centre of the loop thanks to the double-pass stitching.

Technical, same as intensive but with a Dyneema® sheath  for extra protection against abrasion.

+ Use

Dyneema® textile connector with adjustable eye for low-friction rings of different sizes (see table). 

Attaches to double-strand basket or single-strand lark's head.

+ Repairability

  • Repairability category 2 - intensive use
  • Repairability category 1 - technical use

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

  • Loop dyneema® with variable and adjustable eye termination, 100% pre-stretched dyneema® R2 12fx, enzymé ¬ Light grey / black
  • System-Lock, self-tightening sliding sock (lock), 100% dyneema® 48fx ¬ Black
  • Veritas certified resistance
  • Velcro® Twist Lock security ring (for locking on a hook point : chainplate / trigger guard / ...) 

For low-friction ring of Ø /mm

  • Lock 3 - Friction Ring FrD 14 / NUB or ring of 11mm throat Ø min.
  • Lock 4 - Friction Ring FrD 20-25 / NUB or ring of 17mm throat Ø min.
  • Lock 5 - Friction Ring FrD 20-25 or ring of 17mm throat Ø min.

The Nodusfactory™ dyneema® Lock textile rigging accessory is Made in France and made in our workshops.

Product Details


  • No need for rigging to attach a low friction ring
  • Textile rigging accessory for simple, quick and intuitive use
  • Reversible textile loop ¬ Symmetrical buckle ¬ Secure closure on both sides 
  • Abrasion and UV factor
  • Reliable and maintenance free