Halyard and sheet rigging | ready to sail

We rig our T-Close, T-sail, T-bone and Eye spars directly to your ropes. 

Step 1: select your halyard or sheet here 

Step 2: choose the length you want and add it to your basket

Step 3: on this page, choose the model of batten to be padded according to your needs and the diameter of your sheet or halyard previously chosen.

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Our ready-to-sail halyards allow you to improve the performance of your sailboat and the comfort of rigging "Noder" easily and quickly in complete safety.

Our ready-to-sail halyards or sheets are an important element in guaranteeing safe sailing, giving you the benefit of a reliable and effective product to enjoy your outings at sea with peace of mind.

Don't forget to let us know the reference number of the rope you want to use :)

Choosing the right estrope size :

T-close / T-sail / Eye

   Ø 6 mm rope Size 3 / sail area 30 m2

   Ø 8 mm rope Size 5 / sail area 50 m2

   Ø 10 mm rope Size 6 / sail area 70 m2

   rope Ø 12 & 14 mm Size 8 / sail area 100 m2


   Ø 6 mm rope Size 6 / sail area 80 m2

   Ø 8 mm rope Size 8 / sail area 100 m2

   Ø 10 mm rope Size 10 / sail area 140 m2

   rope Ø 12 & 14 mm Size 12 & 14 / sail area 180 / 240 m2

Data sheet

Dyneema DSK78 12-spool estrope, sizened and pre-stretched

T-Close - 30% fibre-filled technical polyamide

T-Sail - Technical polyamide 

T-bone - Torqual T6 hard anodised aluminium

How do you calculate the breaking load required for your halyards and sheets?

Use the formula below to calculate the strength required for your halyards and sheets.

Sail area (m²) x Wind speed² (in knots) x 0.021 = Working load (in DaN) x 5 = Breaking load

Where to contact us NODUS@NODUSFACTORY.COM

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How to choose the right length for your halyards and sheets:

To determine the right length for a halyard, the safest thing to do is to measure the length of your current rope, if it is suitable.

If not, a calculation can be made based on the length of your boat:

Genoa sheet = Boat length x 2

Spinnaker sheet = Boat length x 2.5

Mainsheet = Boat length x 2 (but check the number of lines on your mainsheet hoist)

Genoa halyard = Mast height x 2.5

Spinnaker halyard = Mast height x 2.5

Main halyard = Mast height x 2.5

Nodus Factory estrope terminations offer a number of advantages.

The first and by no means least is that on many boats the ropes are often oversized, yet you can save money and weight...

A splice is twice as strong as a knot and causes less damage to the rope.

Easy to use with no accessories or gimmicks, rigging becomes child's play. Nodding your halyards and sheets is within everyone's reach.