Clam cleat for connector for fenders | T-Bat®


The T-Bone T-Bat is an innovative and practical connector that offers a simple and effective solution for attaching fenders and fenders to boats.

Its ease of use, speed and reliability make it an ideal choice for boaters of all levels.

Clam cleat" type connector, the T-bat® allows you to create an adjustable textile blocker to adjust the height of your fenders.

T-Bat® connector ¬ Movable blocking piece

Glass-filled Pa Tech

Adjustable fender blocker

Sold by pack of 6

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Once fitted to 8 mm or 10 mm polyester rope, your T-bat® adjustable attachment device will provide you with :

  • Ease of use: The connector is easily attached and removed with just one hand, no tools required.
  • Increased safety: The self-locking system ensures that the fender won't come loose, even in rough seas.
  • Adjustable: The position of the connector can be adjusted to suit different rope and fender diameters.
  • Tough and durable: Made from UV- and saltwater-resistant composite materials, the T-Bone T-Bat is built to last.
  • Sold by pack of 6

Data sheet

T-Bat connector ¬ Movable locking piece for rope Ø8mm up to Ø10mm

Glass-filled technical polyamide Pa6

  • Tensile strength 1100Kg and 1600kg
  • Mechanical strength: Glass-filled PA6 is strong and wear-resistant, making it ideal for structural applications.
  • Rigidity and dimensional stability: PA6 retains its shape and dimensions even under heavy loads and high temperatures.
  • Chemical resistance: PA6 is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including oils, solvents and fuels.
  • Good heat resistance: PA6 can be used continuously at temperatures up to 150°C.

Product Details

connecteur clam cleat pare-battage T-bat

Matelotage T-Bat

Advantages :

Time-saving: The T-Bone T-Bat allows fenders to be installed and removed much faster than traditional methods.

Optimum protection: The self-locking system ensures that your fenders stay in place and protect your boat from impact.

Versatility: The connector is compatible with a wide range of fenders and fenders, as well as different types of rope.

Ease of use: The T-Bat connector is easy to use.