Clam cleat connector for lazy-jack | T-Lazy®


The T-Bone T-Lazy is an innovative and practical connector that offers a simple and effective solution for attaching lazy-bags, lazy-jacks and tauds to sailboats. Its ease of use, speed and reliability make it an ideal choice for sailors of all levels.

T-lazy® "Clam cleat" connector creates an adjustable textile clamp for lazy-bags, lazy-jacks and tauds.

Mounted on a 3 mm polyester or dyneema rope, the connector allows you to quickly fine-tune your Lazy-bags and tauds.

T-lazy® connector ¬ Movable locking piece

  • Glass-filled Pa Tech

Adjustable blocker for lazy-jack

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The T-Bone Nodusfactory T-Lazy is a self-locking clam cleat connector designed for use in setting lazy-bags, lazy-jacks and tacks on sailboats. It replaces traditional knots, cleats and other devices, offering an easier, faster and more reliable solution.

Once you've quilted your T-lazy connector onto your rope, how to modify the length of your estrope:

  • Place the textile "Eye" loop on the T-Lazy® connector.
  • Slide the T-lazy® connector onto the rope, then secure it with the Grip© Knot.

Data sheet

T-lazy connector ¬ Movable locking piece for rope Ø3mm maximum 3.5mm

  • Glass-filled Polyamide Tech
  • Breaking strength 1200Kg

Mechanical strength: Glass-filled PA6 is strong and wear-resistant, making it ideal for structural applications.

Rigidity and dimensional stability: PA6 retains its shape and dimensions even under heavy loads and high temperatures.

Chemical resistance: PA6 is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including oils, solvents and fuels.

Good heat resistance: PA6 can be used continuously at temperatures up to 150°C.

Product Details

Matelotage connecteur T-sail


Ease of use: The T-lazy connector is easy to install and use.

Fast: The system allows you to adjust and secure the lazy-bag or canopy in a matter of seconds.

Safety: The self-locking system guarantees a secure hold with the Grip knot.

Reliability: The T-Bone T-Lazy is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.