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Sheet rope | Mixed Dyneema® core HT polyester cover


Sheet rope with mixed Dyneema® & polypropylene HT core, polyester HT sheath, ultra-light, resistant and hydrophobic, with an unbeatable weight/diameter ratio.

An ideal genoa sheet that's easy to tension for good sail trim, the HT polyester sheathing makes it long-lasting for cruising.

An easy-to-splice, water-repellent sheet.

Supplied in the desired length (e.g. x quantity = x metre).


Material : Dyneema® SK-78 and Polyester HT

See features below
Sheet : ⌀ mm
Rope color: Dyneema SK78 Sheet
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Multi-purpose rope, mixed Dyneema® and Polypropylene core, Polyester sheath, ideal for coastal and long-distance cruising as well as light sailing.

Mixed core Dyneema® and Polypropylene sheets combine the strength of Dyneema® with the lightness of Polypropylene. Polypropylene is hydrophobic and does not absorb the weight of water.

A rope offering excellent value for money.


  • Good grip
  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easy to splice

Data sheet

  • Rope: Dyneema® SK-78 and Polyester HT
  • Sheath: HT polyester and anti-slip fiber


  • 4 to 14 mm: 16 braids 

Working stretch

  • <3%

Product Details

Advantages :

  • Easy to splice
  • Hydrophobic and lightweight
  • Low elongation (3%)
  • Excellent value for money