Textile strop with snap shackle | T-Bône®


Dyneema® T-Bone® Carabiner is delivered on a strop and ready to be spliced to your halyards and sheets.

The T-Bone® carabiner at the end of the halyard and sheet makes sail handling quick, easy and efficient.

Materials: Dyneema® / Polymer / Hardened aluminium

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t-bone strope: maximum strength

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The T-bône® carabiner is a textile Dyneema® carabiner mounted on a ready-to-splice strop for halyard and sheet strop with a hollow braid core.

Splicing is based on age-old traditional skills. By using our ready-to-splice- trop, you can master the art of knots and splices.

+ Use

How to splice the T-Bône Carabiner strop on Dyneema® or Polyester Rope

Tie a knot in your rope +/- 3 m apart

Slide the sheath of the rope towards the knot to reveal the core of the hollow braid over 150 cm.

Insert your strop into the hollow core as far as it will go

Temporarily secure the core and the spacer by wrapping a simple sticker around the upper part

Then slide the sheath back up over the core all the way to the top

Then overbind or use our "Option" heating sleeves. 

Materials: Dyneema® / Polymer / Hardened aluminium

Data sheet

  • T-bône® shackle, made of Aluminium 
  • Textile strop, 100% Dyneema® Nodex R2 pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey / black
  • Easy opening (orange thread)
  • Resistance certified by Veritas

Padding made by our team in our premises.

Product Details





Ø Line



Ø Rope





Strop R2 Droite Halyard/Listening Connector 40 nds
Kg mm cm mm Reference m2
E T-bone 8 1800 4 75 8/10 M 8 100/140
E T-bone 10 2800 5 90 10/12 M 10 140/180
E T-bone 12 3900 6 100 12/14 M 12 180/240
E T-bone 14 5900 7 110 14/16 M 14 240/300

Mousqueton rapide High Load


  • Flexible, multi-purpose, soft shackle, to ensure perfect in-axis loading
  • Very UV-resistant
  • Excellent chafe resistance
  • Corrosion-free
  • No damage to decks