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Hook opening pulley| TH-Nub®


Hook Block-Nub® opening pulley: The ultimate performance for your listening control

Unrivalled lightness, strength and control

Discover the Hook Block-Nub ® opening pulley, the most advanced listening control solution on the market. Its innovative design combines exceptional strength with minimal weight, for unrivalled performance and reliability.

Versatility and efficiency
Hook opening pulley (open ring): Quick and easy installation on the rope.

Block-Nub 30 / 40 in Pa11 carbon
Block ring locking system: Locks the hook and prevents accidental opening.

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Open spherical low-friction ring hook NUB for 12 mm rope.

An accessory that can easily be hooked onto a genoa or spinnaker sheet, or as a replacement for a mast foot block.

  • The lightest and strongest removable sheet control solution on the market.
  • For use on all types of dyneema and non-aggressive sheathed ropes
  • Made of hard black thermoplastic polymer and supplied with a spliced Dyneema textile connector. A safety Velcro strap holds the sheet in the open ring until it is hooked in place.
+ Repairability
  • Repairability category 3

Repairability index -(Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet


  • Opening pulley (open ring) to be hooked: Textile Hook "Block-Nub®".
  • Block-Nub 30/40 in Pa11 Biosourced carbon
  • Textile connector: Dyneema® SK78 12fx pre-stretched, silk-sized
  • T-bone clasp in hardened anodized aluminum
  • Friction ring: Soft thermoplastic TPE
  • B-Nub 30: Textile shackle M8 / Textile-Block 3
  • B-Nub 40: Textile shackle M10 / Textile-Block 4


  • High breaking strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Abrasion and UV resistance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ease of use

Product Details

Poulie ouvrante Hook TH-Nub


  • Unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio: The lightest and strongest pulley on the market.
  • Hooker pulley: Facilitates sheet adjustment and offers great pulling power.
  • Performance, lightness and reliability: Designed for intensive use in the toughest conditions.
  • Low coefficient of friction: Optimizes hoist efficiency and reduces rope wear.
  • Load alignment by textile connector: distributes the load evenly and protects the rope.