opening violin pulley | Textile-Hook® 2/1


The Textile-Hook® 2/1, TH-V & TH-V I-Tech®, is the lightest and strongest sheet control solution on the market.

The open hook ring combined with a low-friction FrD ring is easy to position on the rope and creates a 2/1 hoist.

For dynamic use, use I-Tech® open rings.

Its Dyneema® hook locking system prevents opening under load.

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Textile-Hook® 2/1 violin opening pulley

  • Controls and returns sheets under tension
  • Allows a rope to be passed quickly in any situation
  • Allows you to redirect a maneuver, halyard or sheet, or move a load in a different direction.

Designed to support two types of load:

  • static load - Hook-Violon S
  • dynamic load - Hook-Violon I-tech

poulie violon ouvrante textile-hook

Data sheet

High-strength open low-friction ring

Hook® "open ring" body

Hook S self-lubricating thermoplastic material

  • POM / use Static, low-friction speed Continuous use T°C 100°C

Hook I-Tech® self-lubricating HD polymer

  • Po iTech / use Dynamic, very high friction speed Continuous operating T°C T °C +140 /180

FrD ring in hardened anodized Duralumin

Dyneema® textile connector

  • SK78 12 fx, sizing and pre-stretched
  • T-close® ¬ Pa Tech fiberglass-filled connector

poulie ouvrante violon textile-hook

Product Details

poulie ouvrante violon Hook-violon


  • Weight/resistance ratio
  • 2/1 hooker hoist
  • Performance, light weight and reliability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Load alignment via textile connector