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Which textile for which use ? 

In order to ensure the best performance, durability and reliability of your rope, it is important to choose the right textile !
Whether it is for your sheets, halyards or mooring lines, Nodus Factory has drawn up a comparative table of the different textiles for you.

- Polyester : The versatile textile

Polyester is known for its main quality: its longevity !
Indeed, it resists well to sea water and UV rays as well as to rubbing. These characteristics make this textile the ideal fiber to protect sensitive souls.

➕ Value for money, longevity

➖ Elongation at break (elasticity)

- Polyamide : Textile for moorings line

Polyamide is known for its elasticity !
It has a much higher elongation at break than polyester (15-20%). Its high elasticity allows it to be used mainly for mooring. In fact, these fibers protect the cleats by absorbing jolts. 

➕ Economical, durable, elastic

➖ Absorbs water, heavy to handle

- Polypropylène : The textile of towing 

Polypropylene is ideal for towing due to its elasticity and hydrophobicity

➕ Elastic, light, hydrophobic and very inexpensive

➖ High shape memory and UV sensitivity

- Dyneema® : Le textile of the moment 


Dyneema® becomes famous thanks to its breaking load resistance (8 times that of stainless steel).
The novelty of this textile is that it is UV and abrasion resistant ! Dyneema® is therefore an excellent sheath. It is stable and suitable for standing rigging. 

➕ Excellent weight/breaking strength ratio, longevity

➖ Expensive, not resistant to heat, creep phenomenon

- Nodex R2® : The textile Nodus Factory 

Nodex® R2 is extremely strong, its breaking load is close to that of steel. This textile is stable under load and flexible. It is also resistant to abrasion and bending.

➕ Excellent weight/breaking strength ratio, longevity

➖ Not resistant to heat, creep phenomenon

- Nodex Protect® : The textile of tomorrow 

Nodex Protect® is a spliceable cable made of black thermo-plastic coated Nodex. The only braid that does not show any creep (no elongation under constant high load).

➕ Abrasion and wear resistant / Shock and cut resistant / Floating / Longevity

➖ Expensive, static use