Multi-use Snap Shackle T-Nodus®

Multi-purpose textile fastener T-Nodus will take you from the shackle of the age of metal to the lightness of universal outdoor textiles.

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Pass the head of the anchor in the body, surrounding the objects to be linked, in the eyelet of the tarp or of a passer-by. Does not come off once attached. Withstands high pressure.

  • T-Nodus made in fiber-reinforced technical polyamide
  • Rope Nodex R1 Polyester
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • High impact and UV resistance
  • Maximum load capacity of 150 kg
  • Totally weather resistant
  • 100% recyclable

Ficha técnica

At the same time :

  • Carabiner / Shackle
  • Link
  • Carrying handle
  • And others

The T-Nodus with its ergonomic shape of T allows easy and fast installation in a secure way for many applications. 

Made in Technical Polyamide and polyester braid for an optimal longevity guarantee. The textile connector T-Nodus is designed for a maximum load of 150kg. 

Detalles del producto

Product Name 

Maximum load capacity

T-Nodus 12  150kg 12 cm
T-Nodus 18  150kg 18 cm
T-Nodus 24  150kg 24 cm