Shackle T-Block®

Snap shackles T-Block®

T-block reference T 3 / 5 / 6

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Snap shackles T-Block®

  • Self-closing with manual secure closing
  • Safety coeficient Factor 7
  • Maximum load capacity :100 kg to 400 kg
  • Certified resistance by Veritas
  • Totally weather resistant 
+ Use

The Snap shackles T-Block has both closable-eye and a manual lock "System Block" which guarantees ideal handling for carabinner and unbuckle. 

Ficha técnica

Manual locking multi-purpose textile shackle

  • The shackle T-Block  is made in PA technique and textile link in Dyneema® Dsk78, recyclable materials in a simple conventional sector.. 
  • Easy to install,extremely light and resistant, supports heavy loads.

Light, resistant and multi-use

  • The shape and dimensions of this textile shackle with à closing with self-closing eye and its manual locking "Block system" intended for multiple uses.
  • Thanks to its textile design, this model offers the best strength / lightness ratio of all forms of shackle. 

Detalles del producto

Product Name 

Maximum load capacity

T-Block 3 100 kg  7 cm
T-Block 5 300 kg  9 cm
T-Block 6 400 kg  10 cm