Fairlead with Block | Padeye Pad-Poulie®


The HI-Tech® Pad-Pulley is an innovative fairlead with a self-aligning ball pulley.
Its unique design with a textile axle, automatically aligns your sheet for minimum friction.

Uses : For sheets and lines from 4 mm to 10 mm maximum
Sheet line
Furling line
Deck layout improvement

Option: Nodus Loc® glue - 1 tube (12ml) for 4 to 6 pads

Materials: Composites / PA / Dyneema® / bioplastic polyamide (recyclable)

Nodus Loc

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The Pad-Poulie® is designed for deflecting various types of rope (furling and reefing systems). This Hi-Tech ball threader is simply attached by glue or 2 screws.

  • The Ball Pad-Pulley® offers improved performance, less friction and longer rope life with less chafing.
  • Quick and easy to install on deck or mast without drilling, using Nodus-Loc® bi-component glue.
+ Application
  • Friction-free deflection of ropes and halyards requiring frequent adjustment
  • Allows ropes to be easily guided with little friction to cockpit cleats and jammers


  • Breaking load: 2.50 kN to 3 kN (without screw) from 3.5 kN to 4.9 KN with 316L stainless steel screw and depending on support.
  • Materials: Textile axle, stainless steel ball pulley, polymer body.
  • Dimensions : Varies according to model

Data sheet


  • High-quality materials :
  • Hi-Tech® pulley
  • Body: HD polymer and HI-Tech® for optimum strength.
  • Flanges: HD polymer for increased durability.
  • Sheave: Composite I-Tech® & PA 6.6 for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Connector: Dyneema® for abrasion and UV resistance.
  • Double-row 316 stainless steel dynamic ball bearing: Provides smooth, quiet operation.

Padeye Pad-SX® - Articulated chainplate & textile lashing

  • Padeye SX 45 in glass-filled technical PA
  • Padeye SX 55 in PA11 bio-sourced carbon
  • T-Bône TI6 eco-titanium length 20mm & length 25mm
  • Textile Dyneema® 12 fx diameter 3 mm or 4 mm

Option :

  • 316 L stainless steel screws: 2.9 mm / 18 mm (not supplied)
  • Nodus-Loc® Bi-component glue (optional)

Properties :

  • Strength: The Hi-Tech padeye and ball pulley are made of robust, weather-resistant materials.
  • Lightweight: The system is compact, articulated and lightweight.
  • Low coefficient of friction: Reduces rope wear and optimizes efficiency.
  • Load alignment by textile connector: distributes the load evenly and preserves the rope.
  • Durability: The system is designed for intensive use.

The Hi-Tech® Pad-Pulley is compatible with a wide range of ropes, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester, polypropylene and nylon.
The diameter of the rope must be compatible with the diameter of the pulley sheave.

Product Details


  • Automatic alignment: The ball pulley automatically aligns with the sheet, reducing friction and wear.
  • Easy installation: HI-Tech® Pad-Pulley can be bonded with Nodus-Loc® bi-component glue or screwed on.
  • Versatile: The HI-Tech® Pad-Pulley can be used for a variety of applications, including sheets, halyards, sheaves and deck plan improvement.
  • Lightweight and efficient: The HI-Tech® Pad-Pulley is lightweight and highly efficient.
  • Robust and durable: The HI-Tech® Pad-Pulley is made from robust, weather-resistant materials.